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January-February 2014, Boracay: Puka Beach & More

BoracayBoracay does not have one beach per se; in fact, it’s divided into Sections 1 to 3. Walking between those sections takes a lot of time; there’s a lot of land area covered. Hence, a lot to explore!

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December 2013/January 2014 – Surigao & Siargao, Part 1

SiargaoSo… something funny happened. We were all excited for a trip to Mindanao, the lower part of the Philippines – specifically, Surigao and Siargao. For avid surfers, Siargao is famous due to its magnificent waves, making it an ideal surfers’ haven. That being a premise to what would have been a wonderful trip, two things happened:

1) I quickly learned the principle that as one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel, one (or in this case, maybe more than one) person also spoils the whole experience for you. But hey, it’s a slight mishap, so we stop here and move on;

2) Having repacked my camera inside my Longchamp, I forgot to bring the battery charger.

Number two, my friends, is a tragedy, which hence explains how I have less than 50 pictures for an unforgettable one-week trip. Luckily, there’s my phone and Instagram, so I salvaged a few more pictures!

SiargaoSiargaoSiargaoDuring our first stop, Surigao, we got on a bangka after landing from our domestic flight and rode a few minutes into this picturesque resort, Club Tara. As for the actual amenities themselves, I don’t really have a lot of good things to say. The word to describe this place is – shall we say – disappointment. So if you have other options besides Club Tara, I would definitely recommend you to check out the others first.

SiargaoSiargaoSiargaoSiargaoSiargaoSiargaoThe most adorable baby floating around the wading pool around Club Tara! Look at how s/he (??) is soaking up the attention!

SiargaoSiargaoAfter getting settled down, it was island hopping time! We don’t usually book events like that for ourselves, but we were with someone else during this trip, so there were definitely a lot of new experiences, island hopping being one of them.

SiargaoSiargaoSiargaoSiargaoSiargaoThe first part of our island hopping mainly involved just going around islands in a boat and seeing the sights, but without alighting. This was still very interesting for me, because of two things. First, I saw groups of flying fish for the first time! Amazing to see in person, but too far away to photograph 😦 Second, I got to witness one of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever seen.

SiargaoSiargaoAs well as one from the resort:

SiargaoJust breathtaking. God, not only are You a master architect, among others, you are also a master painter.

The second day had more island-hopping in store, but this time we went down at certain caves to wade into or beaches to relax on. Here are where the phone photos come in…

SiargaoSiargaoForgot the name of this island, but we had pretty amazing finds, like tons of blue starfish and the spiny coral killer – the latter of which the children with us were so eager to kill, especially after hearing from the locals how it would seep the life out of the corals. Le sigh. The waves, though, were beyond imagination – strong enough to pull you off a firm standing position!

SiargaoWe (I, most specifically) endured another heart-dropping boat ride through the waves to go for more island hopping. The weather suddenly turned dark and gloomy, and soon I got to understand the misery of being cold and having rain pelt you nonstop. This was a picture of how stormy Siargao was, but soon we landed on Naked Island, and strangely, it was suddenly, again, the usual sunny beach weather!

SiargaoSiargaoSiargaoSome more of our beach treasures. As usual, the sand here was as fine as it could be. We literally kept sinking on our feet while walking – it’s that soft.

Next post up – the marvelous second resort we stayed in, plus a special place I never could’ve imagined myself entering in my whole lifetime. 🙂