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May 2014, Davao – First Impressions + Midori Inn

It’s only by God’s blessing that I have been able to explore more places of the Philippines I haven’t been to yet on this year. And man, is our country beautiful or what? Next stop: Davao!

Davao Continue reading


April 2014 – Occidental Mindoro (Day 1)

MindoroYay! A travel post! 🙂 Needless to say, after about a couple of months without travel to any new place whatsoever, I was starting to feel a little restless. So that is what the travelling bug does to you – oh man, I think I’ve been bitten. 😀

This time, we explore more of our own beautiful country, the Philippines! Come Holy Week, or any vacation week for that matter, people think of Boracay, Palawan, Sagada or any other famous/hyped getaway to go to. Compared to them, the name “Mindoro” seems to not hold that same allure, that same magic as when the other names are uttered.

However, as we soon found out, Mindoro had a charm of its own. 🙂 Do take note that what we went to was Occidental Mindoro; there is another part called Oriental Mindoro. Continue reading

New Year at Baguio – Asian Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS)

Yup, my family and I were blessed to be able to take a late Christmas vacation extending up until the New Year at Baguio – probably would be number one on my favorite places in the Philippines, had the travel time not been so long! Oh well, I think previous visitors of Baguio, Filipinos or foreigners alike, can attest to the fact that Baguio is a wonderfully lovely place, zigzags and hours of travel aside. 🙂

For the 17 of us, Dad booked us at the Asian Pacific Theological Seminary, known as APTS for short. I’ve lived in my fair share of non-hotel accommodations for out-of-town trips through the years, including yes, a seminary, but another for New Year’s? This was pushing it! 😐 Why not a nice hotel or something?

Well then, God decided to remind me that His will is always best:

APTS BaguioAPTS BaguioThis was the amazing view that greeted me as soon as I jumped out the car. Perfect sunshine giving me enough warmth amongst the chilly breeze, complemented by acres of lush greenery and nature’s gorgeousness. HOW COULD I HAVE COMPLAINED?!

APTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioYup, it’s an actual seminary, but it certainly does not look like it. And yes, they have actual buildings with rooms actually designed for accommodation as they always have visitors for seminars and the like, or private bookings like ours. The place is huge (how many hectares, I forgot) but it’s definitely enough to keep you busy for a few days!

APTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioThe inside is designed pretty simple, but modern as well. The whole ambience reminded me of “summer camp” – like it was especially designed for that purpose. Which, of course, it is. They have apartments and dorm rooms which can accommodate as much as 16 people, both of which we got.

APTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioIf my brother can keep a smile on his face while being completely aware that a camera’s taking his picture, you can be sure that your facilities are really comfy. 😀 Their beds are equipped with warm blankets, a pillow (better bring yours if you like fluffy ones), a towel and soap. There’s hot water too, so no worry about my childhood trauma of taking a cold bath in Baguio years ago reappearing! 😀

As I said, the campus itself is huge and provides many opportunities for exploration. The roads go up and down, so it kinda makes you feel like simply walking becomes a great big adventure LOL. Pretty good for photography too! 🙂

APTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioAPTS BaguioOf course they had to model. 😀 More on the rest of our new year’s vacation at Baguio next time!