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New Year’s at Baguio – The Manor

Oops, sorry. I forgot about my last batch of photos, taken at the Camp John Hay Manor. Seriously, who goes to Baguio without dropping by this beautiful place?

Camp John Hay ManorDSC_1700DSC_1698The Manor’s always been a dream place of mine to stay in. How can it not be a dream, ang mahal mahal (it’s so expensive) LOL. Definitely saving up for this or either Tagaytay to take my parents somewhere nice next Christmas/New Year, though!

DSC_1697DSC_1705DSC_1707DSC_1755Julio boy goofing around… in the playground you need to pay P50 (about over a dollar) to get into. 😐


DSC_1729The semi-complete traveling party. Always interesting having a diverse mix of people to travel with… very interesting.

DSC_1745Manor, we shall see each other again… in more favorable conditions. 🙂



Dulcinea and the King

Until recently, I haven’t been to Dulcinea in a long time…

DulcineaDulcineaWe’ve been going since I was a child. It was my auntie who got us hooked on two of their classics that remain best-sellers to this day: their Churros con Chocolate and Tropical Fruit Shake. A few churros con chocolate have come and gone my way, and some of them do taste better, but when we revisited Dulcinea last week, the churros were still fragrant and the chocolate deliciously think. Me gusta.


Something I just want to share: I got a very, very rare candid of my brother. Doing the sad face, nonetheless. This was when I promised to treat him to his favorite crepe at Crepes & Cream, but the one in Megamall suddenly closed down pala. Sadsies 😦 He really took it to heart…


The late part of the day saw us grabbing dinner on the road at Burger King. Among all fast-food chains, Burger King is no doubt my favorite among them all. I can eat anything in the store – especially their onion rings. Okay, they’re not the most realbut addicting nonetheless! Also, who could resist a good ol’ flame-roasted double-patty burger with bacon & barbecue sauce? 😀 Right?

DSC_0096Burger KingBurger KingBurger KingDSC_0098Burger KingBurger KingAnd oh, a finishing touch to positively ruin your evening:

DSC_0086Dan auditioning for a sexy magazine spread LOL. Don’t judge, I didn’t make him do it! 😉


All Saints’ Day

(sneaking in some practice shots in low lighting after tutorial session… #noedit)

This was November 1 but… you know me. Queen of backlog and everything. Work has been so crazy, the trivial things like piano playing, blogging and Instagram are relief to me. But anyway…

The Chinese typically have a day (sometime in April, I think?) where they go visit their dead and pay their respects. In the Philippines, it goes quite differently for the Chinese or Filipino-Chinese here, as we:

1) go to the cemetery on November 1 and,

2) it’s actually an excuse for family to get together and pig out on lots of food everybody brings. 😀 Seriously, it couldn’t go further from the supposed solemn air surrounding this day.

 We go to Manila North Cemetery every year, and if you make me go alone, I’ll still get lost. 😐 Anyway, boredom always sets in after a while, so we’ve learned from experience and brought books, newspapers etc., but I just unleashed my opportunista side and took the chance to have a photo-op… in the most deserted places of the whole cemetery! LOL

Neighbors on the other side

Shirt – H&M, necklace – from China

Jeans – Morgan de Toi

Even Dad got bored, so we walked around and into the place of another relative, although quite distant. The thing below is what they use to burn those paper money which they believe will go to their deceased loved ones up there.

 Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Told you I was opportunista haha. Although I do like taking photos of what I wear, it’s so terribly embarrassing to do so in public, where you can’t exactly command everyone to turn their backs first. 😐

Ring – from China, bag – Esprit

Of course, there’s family. God above all else, then family! For me, I love this yearly November 1 thing not only because of the food (though it definitely takes up a huge chunk LOL), but because it’s also the time I get to see family members who I normally don’t see, regularly or not. Case in point – my cousin Jasher, who along with his family moved to the States about 10 years ago, but he’s back now! ❤

Something about my family, if you’re interested at all: they’re not the mushy, love-you type. I mean, they care about you as relatives should for each other and all that shiz, They’re just not the lovey-dovey, nice-type kinds of people; I guess they’re “tough love” personified. I mean, all but one of my uncles yell at me and my other cousins, so much that I’m actually hesitant to talk to them again, but that’s their language of love! Oh well.

(really old) Sandals – Naf Naf

After getting all bloated from the food and junk food, one uncle announced that we were going to Tong Yang (a buffet hot pot restaurant) for dinner. Insaaaane for the diet, but all systems go!

I mean, I didn’t get to take a photo of the whooooole selection at the raw foods buffet, but man. You betcha I overloaded on meat!

And do you see my too-cool-for-school family? They’re like that – they won’t even bother to look at you for a photo! Ohhh, so not in sync with my lovey-dovey tendencies towards the family LOL

 To be entitled “The Lone Onion”. 🙂 Haha I love giving “names” to certain photos. Anyway, a year ago I wouldn’t have given onions a second look. I mean, who cooks onions on their own?! However, ever since I started going to Korean restaurants and falling in love with their grilled (?, can’t really translate well now) pork liempo, I have learned to appreciate the taste onions can bring to meat. Must try! 🙂

Luna Family

The family and I met them only about 7  years ago, but now they feel like one of our good friends. What always make it a pleasure to spend time with them is that Tito Manny and Tita Marie are some of the genuinely nicest people we’ve ever known; and of course, if you have parents like that, coupled with a Godly upbringing, you also have children who are polite, mannered and good-natured.

I mean, look at that. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I see more kids nowadays grimacing at the camera with their grumpy faces than giving genuine, heartwarming smiles.

Their sixth child, Julio, also a natural accidental goofball. Can’t help but love that kind of funny! 😀

I mean, look at him. He didn’t even mean to photobomb. :p

Tito Manny resolving one of the many family conflicts. This should be entitled “Overexposed Conflict” LOL

Fifth child, Juliana, has a natural aptitude for sketching and drawing.

It doesn’t hurt that her mom, Tita Marie is an interior designer/architect, which no doubt helps a lot. 🙂 I love capturing moments of family time!

They also have an amazing vintage-y residence, which I shall blog about as soon as this crazy week endsssssss!

Pueblo Por la Playa

Remember this “teaser” post? Well, if you’re somewhere around Lucena or Pagbilao in Quezon Province, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s on Pueblo Por la Playa – a semi-exclusive, private resort in Pagbilao, Quezon. (How redundant was that?! Hahaha) As I mentioned, it’s isolated most of the time, so it’s perfect for practicing photography – and outfit shots! – without being conscious of people around. We usually go there every Sunday afternoon if there are no prior appointments.

AND can I just mention, this relaxing post is sooo in vibe with – SEMBREAK! 😀 Yay! The favorite part of year (or semester, LOL) for teachers – the break. Words can’t explain how nice it is to just chill after weeks and months of non-stop work. Yeah, not so tough compared to those other mega-pressure jobs out there, but… baby steps. :p


 Doesn’t it look like the tranquil place that it is? 🙂

 Actually, tranquil as it looks, there’s also nothing much to do. 😐 My family, who is todo avail for free stuff, mainly comes for the swimming that comes free with membership. Here’s my dad teaching my big fat lazy brother how to swim. 😀

 Off we go… to the beach!

 Here, I learned how to play around with ISO – but of course, it makes pictures look grainy at times. There were some sky + cloud shots which I wanted to take, because the clouds had this pretty orange-tinted lining to them. (Not silver lining daw, LOL). But I couldn’t get the orange without making the picture super dark 😐 so this is another dilemma to be learned about!

 Okay, so it’s not Boracay, but it’s clean and serene enough that you can feel the ocean breeze, and have the privilege of standing there and taking it all in. It’s one of the most relaxing feelings in the world.

 Still playing around with ISO as the afternoon slowly transitioned to night. Can I just say, it’s amazing how many things you usually ignore in a place, especially when you frequent it; but when you’re learning photography or trying to observe something, all of them suddenly jump at you! 🙂

 Night finally came fast and quick (still getting used to it after getting used to 7pm-and-still-fairly-bright in Guangzhou), so I just went to the bathroom to take photos. 😀 May I just mention that this above photo was actually darker, but edited inside the D3200? Amaaazing. I discovered it had its own mini photo editor inside, and with a little toying around, some pictures actually turn out nice. 🙂 Especially if you’re such a newbie like me LOL

 And oh, I realized I forgot to mention – the whole resort’s Mexican-themed. 😀

I wanted to take this shot, but didn’t know how – and Dad came to the rescue. Having photographed and tinkered with those old cameras before, more or less he would know what he was talking about. Although it’s not a perfect shot, I still think it’s quite beautiful – mainly because I had my dad with me. 🙂 And would you believe it, my mom who normally makes lait (uh, sarcastically insults?) to my dad, piped up while I was focusing: “oh yeah, did you know that your dad was a good photographer during the day? Magaling yan! (He’s good!)” and blah blah. Awww, how sweet. 🙂 Ultimately, it’s not the relaxing place that relaxes and refreshes you, but it’s the fact that you have the people you love around you to enjoy it with you.

That’s something to be so thankful about, everyday. 🙂