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May 2014, Davao – Of Tribes, Butterflies, and Goodbyes

DavaoFINALLY wrapping up the Davao series with this short, but sweet post! Continue reading


May 2014, Davao – PSD Adventure World

PSD Adventure WorldApparently, another place which ranks high in my uncle’s “worthy to visit” places in Davao is this place – PSD Adventure World.  Continue reading

May 2014, Davao – Eden Nature Park

After a lackluster first few days in Davao, the real fun began when my uncle, now a native of Davao, assigned his right-hand man to take us to the places that we must go to. And boy, does he know where to go. First stop: Eden Nature Park!Eden Nature Park Continue reading

May 2014, Davao – First Impressions + Midori Inn

It’s only by God’s blessing that I have been able to explore more places of the Philippines I haven’t been to yet on this year. And man, is our country beautiful or what? Next stop: Davao!

Davao Continue reading