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October 2014 – Hello, Sydney… (Day 8)


After a blissful six days in Melbourne, it was time for us to move on to one of the most famous places in Australia – Sydney! So many things Australia is known for is in Sydney… Opera House, need I say more? But let’s take this adventure slow – after all, there is a lot to be seen at literally every corner…

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December 2013 – Hainan

HainanHello again, blog! LOL this might just really turn out to be a travel blog, as I don’t even bother to photograph my new nail polishes now :p maybe I’ll get the groove back soon? Well, for the meantime, I give you a sunny photo diary of our recent trip to Hainan, the tropical part of China!

HainanHainanHainanFirst, where we stayed. After staying in a non-hotel where we almost got apprehended by police, you’d think we would have a nice, normal hotel, right? Well… it was better. We stayed at a retreat center for senior citizens! Yes, that place where you drop off your grandparents or parents when they get old and cumbersome, LOL. The place is called Gong He Fan (can’t type Chinese characters now, please just look at the pictures later), and it is beautiful and serene. Can’t be thankful enough!

HainanHainanHainanHainanThe place is also open for outsiders to rent, though. During the time we were there, not only did we share the place with the resident seniors, but we also saw other businesses and organizations holding their conferences there. One of the reasons why? Rates are crazy cheap for the high-quality amenities they offer: our meals were only 50RMB (roughly 350 pesos) a pop! Next time, you might want to consider this place. Here’s the card with the information you need on it:

HainanHainanHainanSorry for the shot with my washed socks, but I just wanted to show you how amazing the weather was in Hainan. I just fell in love! We went there early December, where people all over different parts of China were starting to bundle up in two layers or more. But Hainan stayed pleasantly cool, with temperatures around 13-20 degrees Celsius. Cool, but not freezing. My kind of weather! Suddenly, I don’t hate winter any more! LOL

HainanHainanOne day, after our duties were done, Ptr. Jim, Tita Lui and I decided to go take a walk under the wonderful sunny weather. We heard that there was a beach nearby, but neglected to find out that it would take about 30 minutes of walking LOL. However, we were in no-sweat weather, so it was win-win, actually! We walked to this place called Bai Sha Wan, which turned out to be a sprawling park with a non-swimmable (is there such a word?!) beach.

HainanHainanHainanA pretty creative and different way to present the usual “history of the place” markers you usually see at those famous places…

HainanHainanHainanHainanThe park is really such a vast area – you can walk around it the whole day. They also have shops in the form of small lodges like the one above, but we didn’t bother to check the prices. Most probably, ridiculously expensive.

HainanHainanHainanWe actually got to the beach first before the other areas of the park. If you live in the Philippines or any other country known for its beaches, you actually feel nothing special for beaches like these. The Chinese, however, treasure whatever beaches they have, and most if not all of it are here at Hainan.

HainanHainanHainanHainanHainanAfter taking some shots and getting my feet exfoliated, we went on ahead to the other areas of the park! One thing about the Chinese, though, is that they really know how to utilize nature and make their parks really picturesque.

HainanHainanHainanHainanHainanFun fact: after ooh-ing and ah-ing over these sleeping puppies, we turned around and… came face-to-face with their mother. Good thing she wasn’t in a hostile mood. Haha!

HainanHainanI’d like to end with several shots of what our participants did in one of their exercises:

HainanDSC_6463DSC_6461DSC_6462The Christmas season is right upon us! In fact, tomorrow is December 25, Christmas day by unofficial appointment – the day that children of all ages love and adults smile at once mentioned. But with Jesus at the center of it all, with the memory of His love and sacrifice always fresh in our hearts and minds, it gives us meaning and happiness that transcends the superficial. 🙂 Merry Christmas, everyone!


(Fantasy) Christmas Wishlist 2012

Because after all, a girl can dream, right? 🙂

Starting from fashion… actually, dalawa lang naman. (Two only). Two categories. LOL. Fashion and beauty, let’s go!

Tory Burch dress
Tory Burch dress
Topshop biker jacket
Proenza Schouler handbag

This one will forever be in my wishlist, until I get filthy, filthy rich and have the capacity to get them in all colours! Proenza Schouler Ps1 bag, I LOVE YOUUU.

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti pumpsTwo gorgeous ones from my new favorite, Giuseppe Zanotti! Lakas maka-ganda!
T By Alexander Wang jeans
T by Alexander Wang stretch leather jeans
Actually, there’s tons more, but again: it’s fantasy, so I’m just making myself sad over this LOL. 😀
Make Up For Ever foundation
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
Make Up For Ever eyeliner
Also from MUFE: Ultimate Eye Liner Collection. I JUST DIED!!
Burberry Lip Velvet Lipsticks. I’m a fan of matte lipstick finishes, and these provide matte without being too dry and looking too dull. Their gorgeous nude colours are also a bonus – but Burberryyy, you so expensive!
Urban Decay eyeshadow
Of course, I’ll stay forever an Urban Decay fan. Smoked palette, come to mama please!
Kérastase Cristalliste for thick hair. Finally, Kérastase exactly for my hair – long and thick!
Hoo-kay, one more pahabol 😀
UltrabookSamsung 15″ Ultrabook. Yes please! 🙂
Okay, these fantasies have been good and fun. Work for all of these is another matter, which is why I’m dropping the subject right now. HAHA! How about you, what’s your wishlist (real or not) comprised of? 🙂

Confessions of a Happy Shopaholic

Tomorrow’s a holiday in the Philippines – Bonifacio Day – so yay for teachers! 😀 It’s so hard to believe that after just a day, it’s the month of Christmas all over again. Sometimes you just get the feeling that time goes so slow, but so fast as well. Wait, does that even make sense? 😐

I don’t know, but since it’s Christmas season, we’re gonna go Christmas shopping tomorrow, Divisoria style! For now, here are some stuff that I’m already excited about:

Yes, I’m 21 and still have acne. I don’t know what’s breaking me out as I sleep at 10pm everyday now, but it’s kinda disheartening. I mean, skin, you should be calming down by now. Imma zap those stubborn ones (hopefully) with this Neutrogena salicylic acid wash.
And yay, Mom got won over with the idea of re-coloring my hair, as the last one was… well, a year ago. Le me is still in the process of finding the perfect brown-red, so my experimenting starts… here. 😀

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I see jumbo-sized beauty stuff. Not only does that keep me put for months, it’s actually cheaper to buy big! Did you know that? 🙂 Something my mom taught me ever since I set foot in my first grocery store. Anyway, I used to not be a believer of the Pantene hype, but after I got a US version of their conditioner, I was hooked. It was the very first time that my hair grew out, long, for months, without split ends. Needless to say, I’m a believer now! 🙂

Okay, this doesn’t count as a purchase, but… I was about to open them, and wanted to preserve the cuteness with a picture. 🙂 Cute Kleenex tissues straight from Guangzhou, which, as you may predict, brings back floods of memories again! Ahhh drama queen.

P.S. WordPress changed certain settings, mainly the “add media” ones. I am so thrown for a loop right now…