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May 2014, Davao – PSD Adventure World

PSD Adventure WorldApparently, another place which ranks high in my uncle’s “worthy to visit” places in Davao is this place – PSD Adventure World.  Continue reading


April-May 2013, Beijing – The Beijing Zoo 北京动物园

Beijing ZooIt’s time to go to the zoo! (And for my last blog entry about Beijing, yay! Time to move on LOL) As might be predicted, our older teacher companions weren’t excited about this, but the, ehem, younger friends and I were super stoked about this! As it turned out, the day had so much more in store for me.

Beijing ZooFirst off, the pandas. This was actually my second time to see them up close, the first being at Chengdu. Personally, I think the environment for pandas is better done in Chengdu, but anyway. Seeing pandas for the second time around made me ooh and aah at how cute they were, especially with their antics; but at the same time, I realized that they are never going to be truly happy and free in their glass cages, even if their natural environment has been mimicked for them. Looking at them, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness for them.

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThis guy, though, looks like he’s doing just fine! Or that is his bored pose. LOL 😀

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThere were also outdoor environments, where we can photograph the pandas with better natural light and without the glass walls.

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooOur hearts melted when we saw this panda banging at the gate where the panda workers usually deliver their food or interact with them. It’s interesting to see how the panda has developed a reflex where he knows the place to go if he needs or wants something. I would have given anything to be that lady at the gate, even for only five minutes!

Beijing ZooLooks like he didn’t get what he wanted. 😦

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBerber & I went off to see as much sections of the HUGE zoo as we can in an hour. I’m so sorry if I couldn’t name certain animals; I had a lot of first-time “looks” here!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooThis pheasant had an unusually long tail that flowed beautifully whenever it walked. Such a shame I didn’t get to take more pictures of it, as it didn’t want to move anymore. 😦

Beijing ZooTHIS guy, however, I devoted a lot of my time and attention too. This pudgy bird caught my attention with his natural blue mohawk! LOL take that, mohawk wannabes!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooAs the folks at America’s Next Top Model would have said… FIERCE!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooCute little raccoons!!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooI got super excited when I saw the lemurs, and couldn’t help but break into song. “I like to move it, move it…” Okay, Madagascar movie, this was your fault. If King Julian was among them, I wouldn’t be surprised! LOL

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooSaw quite a number of foxes, which intrigued me, but unfortunately they were all sleeping or moping around. I guess night time really is their time for activity. 😐

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThis boar (I think?) was a hot mess. LOL it just kept running around in circles! As in!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooAaand TA-DA. My first elephant! Woah. Seeing in it person for the first time took a little while to sink in.

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooIt didn’t look particularly majestic, though, mainly because it was so thin. Again, seeing him made me feel a mixture of elation (at seeing an actual elephant!) and sadness because although he is fed, he still is not in his natural habitat.

Beijing ZooTiger time! Look at this cute sign!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThe tiger was inside a glass enclosure similar to the pandas above (with good reason), which allowed me to get a safe, good look at my first tiger. Roar!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooScrawny wolf. I wanted to throw it a nice, fat, juicy rabbit or something.

Beijing ZooTo end this post – guess who? Tough, eh? Haha 😀

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooOH yes it’s the mighty leopard. Him lying around there was the perfect opportunity to take a shot – can’t believe I was that close!! I would’ve loved a bit of action – hunting prey around, for instance – but all he gave us was a sudden leap, and THAT already scared the hell out of me. Maybe him lounging is a good idea after all.


P.S. Our deadline was called and we had to go home, but we just had to rush to the polar bear enclosure and get a glimpse at the polar bear. IT WAS BROWN! 😮 Berber said that’s because it’s summer and there’s no ice around, but all the same, it pretty much gave me a new insight into polar bears.

Baby Bird

DSC_4152DSC_4153This is not the first time a bird flew inside our office and starting bumping around things – signs of a lost baby bird still learning to fly. Dad caught it this time, and though I’m a strictly anti-bird-for-pets person (seriously, how interesting can they be?), this little one still made me go awww. Birds deserve to fly and be free, though, and Dad put him up in our vine-climbing plants, just in case our resident evil cats start getting ideas. 😉


Eyes of Evil

Drama much ng title? LOL that was the first thing that came to my mind when…

DSC_2033…my last little hammie Mag (who died shortly after we left for Thailand 😦 ) was contentedly munching on some cheese in our office…

DSC_2034…when this guy caught scent and literally sat on our wooden chairs, which were steps away from the office. Dad spotted him first and called me out, and up until I took this shot he held this steely gaze. Man, it’s really different, taking care of a hammie in the province where open spaces are everywhere. Beware of cats!


New Year’s at Baguio – Mines View and More

Mines ViewLet’s say I get all pilosopo (Filipino for… smart-aleck? Can’t exactly translate again) and ask, why is the place called Mines View when there are no obvious mines on sight? You’d want to slap me, right? It’s because the place is just astonishing, questions like those are rendered irrelevant.

Mines ViewMines ViewMines ViewIt takes a walk to get to the view itself if you get off the main road, though, so you bet there’ll be hoards of vendors hawking their wares! This I was glad to see though – an abundance of vendors selling corn (not on the cob! Yay!) with heaps of cheese powder and butter (okay, cheap margarine). I was addicted to this during college in Manila, and it disappointed me that fewer and fewer sell these in Manila. But NOT HERE IN BAGUIO! I was so happy, I ate three in one day! 😀

Mines ViewMines ViewMines ViewMines ViewThere was also about three of these kinds of booths – the ones with big St. Bernards you can take a picture with for a low price. What saddened me more than how cute I found the dogs, however, is how their “owners”/caretakers “took care” of them. This one was the worst! The dog was obviously tired and wanted to sleep, but the guy kept dragging him around by the cuff of his neck and kept smoking near him when there weren’t any customers. 😦 My mom added as well that while them having those glasses on are cute, it could actually blind them as they have been wearing them for so long. I’m not a fierce animal advocate by any means, but this sickened me. Can something like this for the sake of entertainment stop, and better care be taken of these dogs?!

Mines ViewMines ViewRanting aside, we finally got there! Nature (mostly) untouched at its finest. They even have binoculars rentals for P5, LOL. Hint for ya: don’t wear shoes or boots without grip in the bottom when going around Baguio. Learned this the hard way while at Mines View! Anyway, the last time I was at Mines View was when I was a toddler – so this was practically like a first-time visit for me!

Mines ViewMines ViewMines ViewAs we came out of Mines View, three of the Luna kids were already perched up this small hill, with all the rich kids and spoiled brats (judgmental much? Ahaha) down there looking in envy and telling their moms, “Mommy, I want, too!” Being the sheltered kids they are, the moms disagreed, of course. LOL that aside, look at how much fun they had. This gives me an album-cover vibe, what do you think? 😀

BaguioIf you’re a fan of jams, you have to go visit Good Shepherd, which is a walk away from the Mines View entrance/exit. Their strawberry jam and ube jam, while I’m not exactly a fan of, are excellently made – no wonder it’s practically a cult favorite!

Baguio Botanical GardenNext up: Baguio Botanical Garden! I was pretty excited to get here and shoot, but two things: it rained, and the place was under construction so it wasn’t as pretty and picturesque as it should be. Bummer. Make the most of it though, yeah?

Baguio Botanical GardenBaguio Botanical GardenBaguio Botanical GardenAcorn! This made me think of that character in the Ice Age movies (squirrel, was it? Maybe not.) obsessed with acorns LOL.

Tam-Awan VillageTam-Awan VillageNext up: a place in Baguio none of us have ever been too, Tam-Awan Village, supposed to be a “garden in the sky”, and main attraction being that it’s supposed to feature actual old houses of the Ilocanos. Cool, right?

Tam-Awan VillageTam-Awan VillageTam-Awan VillageTam-Awan Village

Unfortunately, this was the only thing closest to “Ilocano house” that we saw. Can I just tell you, the whole thing’s actually just a climb up through Mother Nature itself…

Tam-Awan VillageTam-Awan Village

…slippery mud roads, sharp rocks and everything! Bad for me and my no-grip booties that day! In my opinion, the only thing cool about this place was the mountain air itself. If you’re a nature tripper, then by all means visit this! Not for me, though.

Tam-Awan VillageTo make matters worse that day, Mom and I had another of our many fights – can you see her shooting daggers at me through this photo and Dad keeping that peace-keeper face? 😀

Tam-Awan VillageTam-Awan VillageOkay, Tam-Awan Village isn’t just for nature-trippers – for the art people as well! This exhibit was supposed to be by someone famous, but I didn’t catch the name. Look at how cool those strings in the artwork are, though! IMO, they felt like guitar strings. That’s all my non-arty self can say about these! 😀

Tam-Awan VillageTam-Awan VillageThe ‘rents then decided this would be a good place to shoot our family portraits. Leavin’ you with smiles on our beautiful faces (LOL), more on Baguio to come!