October 2014 – Bondi Beachin’ (Day 9)


Yup, you know this view. It’s Bondi Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world. And never did I think that I would ever get to see it in the flesh. What a blessing! Let me take you through half (again) of this picturesque day.


When we got to the area near Bondi Beach, we saw a lot of gorgeous houses by the beach, like the one above. Le sigh. When do I get to be filthy rich and own a beach house as beautiful as this? Unfortunately, we didn’t live there for the duration of our stay in Sydney, but here…


Actually, my family and I really don’t mind staying in hostels or backpacker’s inns, as long as they are clean and comfy enough. After all, you’re pretty much there to sleep anyways. But our experience with this particular one called Sinclairs was quite unpleasant, especially for my mom. What happened was we were booked for two nights, and upon arrival in Sydney we called to ask if we could call the second night off because someone was willing to host us in their house. However, the owner was just plain nasty to my mom, and wouldn’t listen to her explanation, even cutting her off. He was fuming mad because by calling off our booking, we would leave an empty spot in the otherwise-always-booked-full hostel. I mean, what kind of reasoning is that? In the end, we just had to accept it and stay there for the whole two days.

On to more pleasant things, like these Sculptures by the Sea…


Pretty self-explanatory as it is, these are art installations that we learned are displayed every year by the shores of Bondi Beach and the area around it. A lot of these sculptures even showcase recycled items, which you wouldn’t know they were unless you took a closer look.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, we hear a helicopter… but this is none of those usual situations. It had a car dangling from under it! For a few minutes we got all excited, thinking that we were actually witnessing a real-life rescue mission – until it circled back and forth for about seven times, making us think that it might be a thrilling ride or something more than an emergency. What do you think it actually was? :/


Gorgeous blue waters.


Just Dad fooling around with some of the art…


I don’t understand how the view here is just so spectacular. I mean, we share the Pacific Ocean with Australia… πŸ˜€ Maybe it’s the way the sun danced with the waters that was so mesmerising.


More sculptures and art to be seen. It does make for a welcome distraction, especially when you’ve been walking for a while under the scorching sun. (It was actually the first time I sweated since stepping foot on Australia LOL)


Here you can see a glimpse of the kind of path we were travelling as we made our way to Bondi Beach, left and right flanked with interesting works of art to see.


Another gorgeous beach house ❀


A novel way of reusing your old electric fans! LOL


My dad took a fancy to this so much, he made it the next art project for the students at school. πŸ˜€


I can see ya, Bondi Beach! Felt a little twinge of excitement at being able to stand from this same view (swimming pool + Bondi Beach) that has been Instagrammed by almost every popular personality who’s been to Sydney. Apparently, it’s a freshwater pool that inevitably gets sprayed by salt water from the ocean.


Bondi Beach also gains recognition in my book for being the first beach where I saw someone butt naked. And full-on nekkid, too. Oh well, us prudish Filipinos…


Look at those waves. No wonder that aside from sunbathers, the place is crowded also with avid surfers. It was quite amazing to see their moves, actually.


For us fellow beach lovers, Bondi Beach was a treat. The trek to it wasn’t tiring at all because of the thoughtful “distractions” a.k.a. art along the way, plus a well-thought-out route for walking. The beach itself is clean despite the number of locals and tourists in it, and the general environment just exudes clean and pleasant vibes. No wonder it’s one of the best beach attractions in the world!



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