October 2014 – Eyeing Sydney and the Opera House (Day 8)


Our first day in Sydney was so packed, two blog posts are needed. After taking so many pictures in the beautiful Queen Victoria Building in the previous post, this one explores more of Sydney – the highlights of which I hopefully were able to incorporate into the title? (Trying to be witty, yeah…)


Let me just say, it’s pretty hard to stay on schedule when there’s so much food (and giant Nutella!) blinking at you from every corner.

It wasn’t easy, but we finally got to the mall (Westfield, I think?) by foot (!!) from where you could see the towering Sydney Tower Eye.

These were taken from the topmost floor of the mall we entered in. From what I remember, admission isn’t cheap (so we didn’t go as a family), but I’m sure the view from the top will be worth the price.

*short commercial* I’m sure these Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals would be worth the price too. My dream shoes, in the flesh. ❤

Although it was starting to get hotter as we approached the middle of the day (Sydney was way warmer than cold Melbourne), our walk remained pleasant because there were just many new things to see. Quirky ones too, like this businessman who went out of his building and suddenly busted out a skateboard. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. (You’d just be stared to death by everyone else if you tried that in the Philippines, though.)

Sorry thanks I love you.com HAHAHA

My aunt soon took us inside this building, which used to (?) be a central post office. (Pardon the ignorance, but we weren’t really briefed about anything else except the fact that the building was renovated as close to its original design as it could be.) I think it can be seen in these photos:

I think these stairs lead up to a place now being used as a hotel, too. Anyway, more walking around Sydney…


At this point, we were practically blustering around town as although the city remained such a beautiful sight to see, fatigue was starting to set in as we had been walking for about four or five hours by then. Yeah, don’t judge the lack of fitness there. LOL anyway, when the scenery changed from the heated urban jungle to this sudden cool garden, something had to be up. And here it was:

YES, it’s the famous Sydney Opera House! In the flesh! (Must’ve been the second time I’ve said that in this post, but well.) We weren’t hit by lightning or something, but it still was an otherworldly experience to being in front of one of the most recognisable structures in the world.


Once you get to the area, you can see many wharfs like this. I think the wharfs are for the boats that go tour around the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the other attractions around the area. There were about ten or more wharfs, so the place isn’t as congested as you would expect it to be.

The entertainers around the area are a good distraction from the heat as well. Unfortunately for this gold guy, my mother couldn’t shake off the fishy vibes she was getting from him, and soon she figured out his secret. 😀

One thing: with the immense number of people milling about the Opera House, getting a good shot of yourself with it is practically impossible. If the people magically disappear from the frame, then it’s your dad not getting the image focused well enough. LOL

Sometimes, the melding of architecture and people’s creativity can blow your mind.

Another example of this would be the Harbour Bridge. If you look really closely, you can see people along the bridge. It’s because the bridge offers tours above it, and you can get a small thrill from climbing up the bridge (with ropes, of course) from different points until you get to the top.

You have got to wonder if living along the Opera House and Harbour Bridge would be a luxurious or noisy experience.

Plot twist: it was almost 2pm, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So as thrilled as we were about our day in Sydney with these famous establishments, hunger still had a way of overshadowing them all. LOL some obligatory food photos, too pretty to pass up:

The first of many steak adventures ❤

Not to be forgotten is my first experience inside these humungous Apple stores! 😀 hashtag newbie
Some more extras…

Wow, Louis Vuitton, ikaw na ang may sariling building! (It’s hard to translate. Really. Haha)

An amazing view of part of Sydney from whatever point we happened to stop on. Did we just walk all around that? *pats self on back for calories burned, gobbles another bag of Grain Waves*



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