October 2014 – Hello, Sydney… (Day 8)


After a blissful six days in Melbourne, it was time for us to move on to one of the most famous places in Australia – Sydney! So many things Australia is known for is in Sydney… Opera House, need I say more? But let’s take this adventure slow – after all, there is a lot to be seen at literally every corner…


…like my first taste of legit eggs benedict (finally!) at a quaint little café near my auntie’s apartment. Oh yes, we were super blessed to have met up with my father’s half-sister, who treated us like family and more even though it was practically the first time for the rest of us to see her. Truly heartwarming, her hospitality and genuine kindness no doubt enhanced the Sydney experience for us.


The Filipino in me couldn’t stop marvelling at how clean and polished it was everywhere. It truly gave off the vibe of being a world-class city, which it is.


After that sumptuous breakfast, we were off to our Sydney exploration by foot – which turned out to be a mighty feat by the end of the day, but we shall see why later. First stop: the Queen Victoria Building, often referred to as just QVB.


I once again cursed myself for not bringing the neglected-yet-sometimes-useful 18-55 kit lens along, if only just to capture the whole building’s facade. The Queen Victoria building has classical design, but manages to give off a modern vibe at the same time.


We honestly didn’t know what the actual building was for until we went in. Oooh, it’s a shopping mall! Me likey.


Christmas decorations in October? Glad to know we Filipinos aren’t alone in being overly excited for Christmas. LOL but seriously, I love the decorations in here. Classy and whimsical would be the two adjectives at the top of my list to describe it.


It was also in QVB where I saw one of the prettiest Christmas trees I have ever seen in my 23 years of existence. Not only pretty, but grand. It’s the kind of grand that leaves you staring at it for minutes. Did I also tell you that it was humungous? It must have spanned three floors of the building or something.


Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing was their vintage-looking elevator. (I have no idea if the elevator itself is also vintage and just maintained, though). It looked like those I usually see in the movies and TV series like Scandal.


Thought for a moment that these cuties were real. Adorable!


In the middle of the building hangs this giant clock fixture, which would have already looked very regal by itself. But it turns out, every time the clock strikes one hour, something magical happens. So we waited…


And there it was! Did you see that? 😀


Person for scale. LOL anyway, I did take a picture of (almost) all of the scenes that also magically came out from all four sides of the clock fixture. They appear to depict certain scenes from important events in Australian history.


They were impressive in the fact that they were not meant to look real, but they were masterfully done, which leads one to appreciate the craftsmanship behind them. We just stood there and watched like the dumbstruck tourists we were. 😀


On our way out, we saw another fixture that we failed to see earlier – how cool is that date and time-teller? 🙂


Whew! who knew one building would be so photographable? (If that was a legit word…) We must’ve spent a few hours inside, just walking around and taking in all the sights. Part two of this epic first day in Sydney, next time! 🙂



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