October 2014 – The Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles (Day 6)

When researching about the places to go to in a certain country, you can be certain that the ones which appear on almost every list are most definitely worth visiting. One of those places is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

It was quite a stretch before we got there – we’re talking more than three hours of land travel. But the little stops along the way, coupled with the sheer thrill of going to an unknown place, made it all bearable.


The obligatory photo for every tourist – pumping your own gas. 😀


Some point along our car ride, we spotted these birds just pecking on something on the grass. This got us all excited because birds rarely do that and get that close to humans in the Philippines. We later learned that this was a certain breed of parrots. How adorable are they?


It so happened that we spotted the parrots just when we got to the city of Lorne. Small, but quiet and beautiful city. (hashtag I want to live here for the nth time)


We also got to hang around their beach, where there were still people surfing. SURFING while we were freezing ourselves to death. #touristproblems


As it turns out, our day with the birds did not end with the parrots. We soon bonded with a flock of seagulls who already knew what to do – like strutting, standing still and posing – in order to get food from gullible tourists like us.


See, they even follow you around. Awww.

And nope, we’re not done yet…


Doing all sorts of themed photos with them…


Feeding them pancit (Filipino noodles)…


We were so much fun, other tourists decided to try it as well. Not kidding you. Anyway, after our delicious lunch, off we were to the Twelve Apostles!


It’s important to clarify that the Twelve Apostles and the previously mentioned Great Ocean Road are NOT the same. We traveled the Great Ocean Road, which is a LONG stretch of road that hugs the sides of a range of mountains and overlooks the beautiful ocean, to get here (The Twelve Apostles), one of their national parks and main tourist attractions.


And man, a view like this is worth a 3-4 hour drive. I swear, it looks more majestic in person than in photos. There’s a very thin fog that hangs over the rocks, giving it a mysterious aura that is simply breathtaking. It’s the type of view that leaves you immobile for several seconds just looking at it.


One particularly funny experience was seeing a local Philippine celebrity (rightmost in upper photo) in the area as well. Not only did we happen to catch him there, we were also on the same plane with him from the Philippines to Melbourne. Coincidences DO happen. :p And he’s super nice! Thanks for being so accommodating to the Philippine gang, Champ. 🙂


They’d also make pretty good celebs, eh? 😉


You can walk along the path up until this point, where you have a great vantage point of the whole area. Pretty good spot if you have a GoPro, wide-angle lens, or anything that can do panorama.


This is my kind of sign. Straight to the point. LOL


By the way, why “Twelve Apostles” if it’s just a bunch of limestone stacks and cliffs? Well, it was because there were originally twelve of those rocks you saw. We counted and couldn’t make it twelve no matter what, then found out that it was because about three or four were lost to erosion. But is it still beautiful? Yes. 🙂



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