October 2014 – The Heart of Melbourne (Day 5, Part 1)

Yes, we were in Melbourne the whole time, but our fifth day in Australia was the day when we woke up and found out that it was the day to go to the city proper. Yahoo!



That’s right – we took the train there. Experiencing it the way locals do!


With our tour guides for the day, two of the Alcantara sisters. God couldn’t have blessed us with better people to take us around the best spots in Melbourne!


I don’t know if it’s just me, but the station’s waiting area is giving off some Harry Potter-ish vibes. Yep, maybe it’s just me.


Took the above picture just especially for the kids who love playing Dumb Ways to Die on my phone, for the purpose of seeing them freak at the fact that displays like these exist.


And boy, were we wowed or what. The feeling of stepping out into a country that is not your own, and seeing the different (and more developed) way the city is designed, how it functions… it’s an otherworldly feeling on its own. All I wanted to do was to be alone and walk around the whole city, camera in hand.


Yeah, apparently the ‘Strayans call it Macca for short. Before this trip, though, Macca was always Paul McCartney to me…


The funny thing has to be that the whole urban city of Melbourne was there for our eyes to feast on and soak in, but we freaked more over the fact that Chatime exists in Australia, too. LOL


Our considerate hosts made sure to take us to the Melbourne Chinatown. 🙂 I guess it’s true, then, what our Chinese textbooks say that every major place has its own Chinatown. It was pretty interesting to see; too bad we didn’t have time to fully explore the inside. I’m sure it holds massive potential for a treasure trove of photos.


I even remember feeling a little mad (not the serious kind, of course) because we obviously went to Australia to experience its culture, and instead ended up walking a serious distance along Melbourne seeing mostly Chinese characters. I mean, you could have thought you were in a place in China vastly populated by foreigners, and not the other way around!

But I guess that’s the part of Melbourne we got to see – the melting pot of cultures, and truly, mostly made up of Chinese.


Presently we found ourselves inside a mall (which I love, because I am such a mall person, especially if it’s pretty and clean as the ones in Melbourne), partly to eat, and partly to nose around some more.


What I saw nearly broke my heart. There was this store called Windsor Smith, carrying an array of gorgeous shoes that were just calling my name. I mean, look at the second and last row – those all belong to me. In my dreams.

What I love about the city is that there are just as many knick knacks and witty things to see as there are normal touristy stuff.


And food. OMG FOOD. More than half of my Australian dollars must have gone to food. We made sure to try Hungry Jack’s at least once before we left, though. SO FREAKIN’ CHEAP AND GOOD.


I love being a tourist in Australia – just so much to see, even just by riding the train. Your eyes will be spoiled by the sights. (Or it’s just me and my third-world country self.) Badly wanted to watch the show being advertised above, though.


Can’t wait to share the second part of our day with you, involving notably the Shrine of Remembrance – a very significant and meaningful place to visit.



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