October 2014 – Where Is Werribee? (Day 4)

Is a two-month writing/blogging spell worth the wait for this new travel blog post with one of the corniest titles ever? I hope the pictures more than make up for it. πŸ˜€

To answer the question that the (still extremely corny) title presents, Werribee is a suburb of Melbourne, which we were very fortunate to be able to explore courtesy of our gracious hosts, the Alcantara family. Even as I write about it now, I’m still floored by the depths and widths that Philippine hospitality to their fellow countrymen go to. So – to any member of the Alcantara family – if you’re reading this, please do know that to this moment, any mention or thought of Australia that we have always has your memories in it. πŸ™‚


The family patriarch first took us to a place I myself would describe as touristy, but not too much that it just goes over your head (if that makes sense at all) – the Werribee State Rose Garden.


I used to think that roses were the ultimate standard in flowers (and in some sense, it still might be), but when Marks & Spencer and L’Occitane educated me on the sweet & subtle scents that other flowers offer, it got dethroned for quite some time. Visiting the Rose Garden and seeing all those big, big buds in the most vibrant of colours, however, I kind of felt like it was surrounded by red, orange, pink, yellow and white reminders of why the rose still is a status symbol in its own right.


With the whole place literally a bed of roses, it’s not long before one finally becomes conscious of the air he’s inhaling and realizes that it’s tinged with a faint, comforting scent of roses. Nothing overpowering like how those creams and lotions interpret it some times.


What was nice about the place was that there were a lot of people walking around or camping around on picnic blankets on the open fields, but it never was a smidgen too crowded for comfort. Looking at the pictures now, I realized that I never had a problem with a person’s back ruining the shot or another person’s head in the background effectively killing the photo for me…

…therefore making it a good place to take your personal vanity shots as well. πŸ˜€


More than halfway through the stroll, I saw this tree and seriously regretted not bringing a book to read under it.
I have no idea what this tree is called, though. Any hints?


After the relaxing stroll around the State Rose Garden, we were next brought to Werribee Park, where we were told that we would be seeing “The Mansion”.

There it was. And boy, was it a sight to see…


And as you may have seen in the earlier photo, there were quite a number of people camped on the field outside it. How the Aussies roll… make me want to roll like them too LOL

Especially when there’s a tempting array of food trucks lined up right nearby…
I don’t know how this goes for the natives, but… it was pretty expensive for us (who were always busily converting everything back to pesos LOL). We were like, what, these nachos cost almost 400 pesos?! But yum, I hurried ahead to Coles and bought two cans of sour cream because of this. πŸ˜€


So how do you cap off such an interesting day like this? Turns out, sometimes the perfect cap to a busy day is the calm of the ocean.

Always bound to get even colder when near the ocean, but wandering around the jetty and watching the quiet & friendly locals fish was just what we needed to bring this day to a fulfilling close. I might be waxing a bit more poetic than usual here, but the golden glow of the first hints of sunset just felt right, felt like it was just what we needed, and nothing else.



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