October 2014 – The Wild Side of Melbourne (Day 3)

After recharging back to our normal selves in our first two days at Melbourne, we were beyond ready for a little adventure. Of course, our definition of adventure would be the tamest one possible – in this case, a day of strolling in comfortable, cool weather, on the hunt for our first sighting of Australia’s unique wild animals.


Our hosts, the Malibiran family, took us to Serendip Sanctuary – a comparably quiet place which, I’m guessing, is more off the beaten path when it comes to people visiting us. Aside from us, there were few people around, so we were really able to enjoy our walk en route to the animals.


Don’t expect stalls selling food or souvenir booths, though – as how I remember, there weren’t any. Just acres and acres of land like what you see above. It’s really perfect for a walk and for a change from the normal hubbub of life.

And oh, just in case you forgot…



Pretty soon we spotted our first animal. We were all agog, partly because we had been going around for at least 15 minutes without an animal sighting (why is this sounding like Pokemon, though?), partly because we didn’t know what animal it was.


I mean, really. Up until now, we don’t know what it is. Can you tell us? 🙂


These guys actually went in for a kiss, or whatever it was they were doing as they put their beaks together. Cuties!


Pretty soon we were at the Wetlands section. Don’t judge me too harshly for badly composed photos like these; I’ve discovered that they’re actually a good way of keeping track of the details of places you’ve been, so that you remember them later… when you’re blogging, for instance. 😀


They have this special viewing area that looks out over this area:


Isn’t it adorable? Different species of ducks in a habitat they’re comfortable in make up most of what you see. In case you get overwhelmed or curious, there are also abundant posters inside the viewing area which you can consult.


We were most excited to see the kangaroos in Serendip Sanctuary, but these wallabies made the trip worth it, too! Despite my mom repeatedly calling it an oversized mouse, the wallaby was actually an interesting animal to watch. The ones here weren’t really receptive to people though; they kept their distance, prompting my dad to wave a bag of chips in an attempt to attract them. Let’s just say that my dad attracted the park ranger instead LOL.


(insert name of Harry Potter’s owl here), is that you?!


Thanks to this picture, I can now tell you – we are now at the dryland aviary! 😀


This was hands-down my favorite picture of the day, mainly because I love how the bird’s colors contrasted with the tree it was on. Simply pretty.


Now, let me show you something interesting. Yes, there’s an animal in there… can you spot it?


Do you see it now?


I swear, this bird looks more camouflaged in person than it is on photos. Called the tawny frogmouth, camouflage is one of its special characteristics. I mean, we were literally standing in front of it, and yet we had to stare for a few seconds and see its head slightly wobble a bit before we would believe that it wasn’t an inanimate part of the tree. Amazing.


More wallaby love.


After about two hours of our roaming around, it was becoming increasingly apparent that we won’t be having any luck with the kangaroos today. As we didn’t exactly have other zoo trips on our itinerary, this dampened our spirits a bit; will we be flying home from Australia without actually seeing one of its most famous symbols? The story continues…


The amazing view of part of Melbourne, from where we lived in Geelong – indeed, you pay for views like these.


Christmas with the folks at One in Christ Melbourne.


This. is. the. BOMB. Devoured several bags of these (it’s more reasonably priced when on sale – a little bit over $3 for two packs) in our few days at Aussie land – they’re so good. So, so good. It’s one of the many reasons why I know my way around Coles much better now LOL.



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