The Cafe Quay Resto

Let’s give the travel posts a break, shall we? I do miss doing two things that used to be regular on my blog: reviews (especially places to eat) and nail polish posts… both of which are coming back with a vengeance. Soon. :p

One of the factors that inspired me to gather up the diligence to do reviews again was the number of pretty little cafés opening up in Lucena, where I live. Lucena used to be a pretty quiet and understated place – to me, the cooped-up-at-home introvert, at least. But over the past year, one could notice that a modern air was creeping into the territory – quaint little corners, painted in classy shades of grey, white & brown accented by ambient mood lighting were starting to pop up everywhere.

One of those places happen to be the Cafe Quay Resto:

Honestly, for Lucena City, places with aesthetics like these are a big leap forward – which subsequently makes me very happy. 🙂
It was originally my parents, driving around the city in an attempt to find a new place to have a date in, who found this place; I got to go for the first time when our principal (clothed in radiant yellow, above) celebrated her birthday with us teachers.
As you can see, the food preparation does live up to its simple but classy atmosphere. Prices are not cheap but not so expensive as well. Since we went during its opening month, the place was really busy. I don’t know about now, but it would be good to prepare yourself to wait for a few minutes for your food.
The ox tongue in white sauce I had was good enough, but if I remember right, you have to order an extra cup of rice if, like me, just eating entrées isn’t enough.
This is called the Cafe Quay burger, and this is a burger representative of the current fad in coffee shops and burger joints here: the black burger. God knows how many people first saw it here, only to find out that there are about ten other places offering the same black goodness. 😀
This coffee was a perfect springboard for me to tell my mom that no, this is not “amazing” now because better things like 3D coffee art already exist. 😀
What seriously caught me by surprise was that they offered cookie shots, which I have previously seen in my college blockmate’s store CookieBar ( and have wanted to try since forever. It was always too far away from our normal routes in Manila, so my cookie shot dreams were always – pun intended – shot down. (Sorry :D) I mustered the courage to ask where they bought it from, and it was confirmed – they were from CookieBar. Needless to say, I immediately got a hold of one (lovingly drizzled with more chocolate) and pretty soon experienced the heaven of warm milk over melting dark chocolate and cookies. It. Was. Nirvana.



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