May 2014, Davao – Of Tribes, Butterflies, and Goodbyes

DavaoFINALLY wrapping up the Davao series with this short, but sweet post!

After our rather tiring yet enjoyable adventure, the driver took us to another place inside the compound (told you, the place was huge) – the Davao Butterfly House.

Davao Butterfly HouseDavao Butterfly HouseDavao Butterfly HouseIt’s not my first time being inside a butterfly house, and when we went in it definitely wasn’t teeming with flying butterflies like how I expected it. But then, I definitely have a tendency to over-expect, so let’s just disregard the second part of that previous sentence. Seeing butterflies in the flesh, especially those flying closer to you than the usual, is always amazing.

Davao Butterfly HouseSee, I got this close!

Davao Butterfly HouseOops, I guess it’s a fluke after all. Poor dead butterfly 😦

Davao Butterfly HouseDavao Butterfly HouseDavao Butterfly HouseWhat was my first time, though, was seeing these plants! Can you guess which fruit (yes, they are fruit-bearing!) plant this is? It’s the dragonfruit! The plants’ appearance sure live up to their slightly scary name. They are apparently planted on these poles, which have a rubber tire placed on top, and then they just grow like these!

DavaoThe third area which you are supposed to explore is this one called Tribo K’ Mindanawan, which is another place showcasing the relics and replicas of the native Davao tribes. It was actually pretty similar to those we saw here, and the whole place was really quiet and… devoid of activity. So, we just quickly walked around, took a few customary pictures, and left.

DavaoDavaoDavaoAnd with that, our Davao trip is pretty much summed up! Before leaving for the airport, we dropped by Blugre Coffee – 1 out of the about 20 places recommended for us to go try. At least we got to one, right?

DavaoTheir specialty here is said to be the durian coffee, but my dad didn’t really like it. According to another person we know, it’s just coffee spiked with durian jam, but I’ll reserve judgment on that as I do not want anything to do with durian in my lifetime. Meanwhile, I can tell you that their choco torte cake with cream sauce is the bomb. First seeing it in a picture, all chocolate cake of it and then drenched in white cream sauce, didn’t make it very appetizing for me. However, after trying it, I was sold. It’s delicious, cream and chocolate and all. So delicious, I didn’t even bother with a picture!



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