May 2014, Davao – PSD Adventure World

PSD Adventure WorldApparently, another place which ranks high in my uncle’s “worthy to visit” places in Davao is this place – PSD Adventure World. 

PSD Adventure WorldYes, the Davao Crocodile Park is part of it. Basically, PSD looks to be a huge compound (there are parts where you go to by car), the highlight nearest its entrance being this crocodile park. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a live crocodile (or if I’ve seen one at all!), and I do love a good zoo visit, so it still got me stoked!

PSD Adventure WorldYeah. Not stoked for this, though. Even with sisig being one of my favorite dishes and all…

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldThe park is a pretty spacious area, with ample area for people to walk around. It’s not all cages and glass enclosures, too; they have a few things here and there to spice up the view, like this open space in the middle where the trainers occasionally feed certain animals and play with them. This was actually the first time I put “wild boar” and “cute” together in the same sentence in my thoughts!

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldOf course there would be photo booths with baby crocs available. I was a bit hesitant to touch it, being cowardly and all, but once I mustered all the courage I could, it actually felt like a rubber toy. Seriously, it felt like I was touching a fake toy croc!

On another note, though – I had to reiterate numerous times while blogging about this trip that I was not becoming a radical PETA activist by any means. But for some reason, meeting these animals this time gave me something akin to a new pair of eyes to look at them. Seeing this baby croc, with his mouth wrapped up, lying ever so quietly in that plastic container – my heart actually ached a bit for it. Vicious as he may grow up to be, he deserves to be happily flopping around in water and eating all the meat he wants, not being marketed as another commodity. Just something to think about…

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldTo see the adults crocs, though, we had to be stand somewhere a bit higher. It bummed me not to be able to see them at a closer distance, but live crocodiles are live crocodiles! They were quite the lazy bunch, though.

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldYup, that’s a leopard cat. It was also my first time to know of such a creature! This stuffed, preserved one kind of freaks me out, though.

PSD Adventure WorldWait, why are they with the animal?!

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldSay what? Friendly and harmless dragons? Apparently, yes, these sailfin dragons are harmless, and while they’re not the scariest-looking “dragons”, it was still a bit intimidating moving around them. In all fairness, they really don’t mind you, and just go about waddling around.

PSD Adventure WorldLook at those beady eyes. I shudder to think about what would happen if he got out of his cage and I was still in the proximity.

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldThese birds were quite entertaining. I don’t usually go for photo booths like these, but I’m glad my parents pushed me to do it. This cockatoo was quite a handful! All his antics up and down my arm (and with my hair!) made up for the kite on my other arm, who was quite a snob and just perched there.

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldStill waiting for my peacock-with-open-tail photo…

PSD Adventure WorldDad has been convincing me to get guinea pigs instead of hamsters for the longest time now, but I’ve always had a weakness for the hamster’s cuteness. THESE guinea pigs, though, officially converted me into a guinea pig lover, too! I badly wanted to buy some from this cage and fly them home. They look so well cared-for and healthy.

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldIf only these innocent doves knew that the ground they were treading was treacherously close to pangil, the king crocodile. He’s king crocodile for a reason, as he weighs over 1,000 kilos! 😮 We didn’t get to see his full body; he remained the way he was for this shot for a loooong time. But believe when I say this: seeing those menacing yellow eyes look at me from where he was resting seriously gave me the creeps. He didn’t need to show us his thousand-kilo body to make us terrified of him.

PSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldPSD Adventure WorldWe just had to end with some happy vibes after being terrorized by pangil. I took my courage one step further and petted a python that was taken out at that time, and had fun feeding fruit bats – another animal that I wouldn’t have thought to be actually adorable!



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