May 2014, Davao – First Impressions + Midori Inn

It’s only by God’s blessing that I have been able to explore more places of the Philippines I haven’t been to yet on this year. And man, is our country beautiful or what? Next stop: Davao!



As it is, we didn’t go to Davao just for a vacation – that was secondary. My parents had a seminar to attend, so for the first two days my brother & I were stuck in an uneventful hotel room. We discovered this place called Barbeque Boss – it’s so, so good. Again, if you’re looking for gourmet, this is not the place, but they have pretty sick barbeque, sisig and the works at crazy affordable prices. My mouth waters as I type this!

DavaoDavaoFinally, their uneventful seminar ended, and we were able to explore more of the Davao city proper. Mom’s old friends living in Davao arranged for us to stay at a lovely hotel named Midori Inn. It’s a beautiful, quaint little inn that we felt really comfortable staying in.

Midori InnDavaoDavao

In their front desk, there was this sign that said they don’t allowed unmarried couples to book a room here. Although this condition is prudish for many people nowadays, personally I applaud it. If an inn, of all places, stands up for its principles, why condemn it?

DavaoDavaoDavaoDavaoThe free Wi-Fi of Midori Inn is stronger at their first floor, where there also are books, newspapers and a cozy reading corner just in case you get fatigued from staring at all that technology. Seriously, if I can repeat “cozy” multiple times in a post, I’d do it.

DavaoDavaoDavaoDavaoAnd here was our room! What I love about this place is that it just feels so clean. When you get in the room, there’s this clean smell that is elusive in a lot of hotels and houses. It’s the kind of clean smell that you want to bottle up and spray all over your house. And it’s actually clean; we didn’t have any issues with cleanliness here. Midori Inn is definitely a recommended place to stay in when at Davao!

Another anecdote: we asked if they had water to drink, and they said that only bottled water for sale was available. As per our family’s tradition of not buying probably overpriced water, we refused and thanked them instead. Minutes later, the staff member came up again and gave us complimentary bottles of water. A small gesture, but it shows their level of hospitality, which we likewise experienced during our two-night stay there.

DavaoIn the next post: our adventure at one of Davao’s must-visit spots, Eden Nature Park!



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