May 2014 – Tulay Buhangin

Coming from a two-week city-wide translation tour has made me long all the more for another trip to the beach. This time, though, I was enlightened by how helpful and, well, simply amazing a GoPro is. It’s in my sights now; hopefully, I can save up enough to be able to have one the next time we go to the beach!

And yes, I think banter completely unrelated to the topic of the actual post will be my trademark or something. Here, we have another trip to the unknown with the Luna family and a few more friends. By unknown, we literally didn’t know what the place was like…

Tulay Buhangin

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginI should say, the idea of launching oneself into the unknown makes for a ride that keeps you on your toes each time. During the whole car ride going there, I kept my eyes peeled, and got all these stunning, wild nature views as a feast for my eyes. These lush greeneries started around 15 minutes away from the actual place, which was called… Tulay Buhangin!

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginAgain, like most of the adventures I’ve detailed in this blog so far, it’s wild, largely undeveloped territory. There are residents living here, but in the typical simple shacks. Our sleeping quarters were actually in bamboo huts, which didn’t have doors. Huts like these:

Tulay BuhanginWe were lucky that the people who met our friends there had provided mattresses for us. We hadn’t even gotten the rough treatment, so to speak. It gets cool when night falls, though, so it’s fine by me. Just don’t forget to bring Off or any other insect repellent, for that matter.

Before worrying about accommodations and everything, though, we had a lot of time with the ocean again!

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginI can say that we are the people who can easily amuse and preoccupy ourselves, but even we ran out of things to do or talk about there. It’s a quite plain beach; for me, it doesn’t even have the cliche beach view which you find familiar and overexposed, but still find beautiful. None of that is there, but the fresh ocean air is still there, and that’s enough for me. Anyway, I’m saying this so that if ever you have a plan to go or do end up there, you know what to expect.

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginPoor Tinay, adventurous as she was, slipped on some rocks and cut her arm quite a bit. Ocean water heals a lot of wounds!

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginThis I have to say – no matter where you are, be it a glamorous resort or wild stretch of beach, God’s creation always manages to let you see some pretty amazing views.

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginSo yeah, naturally the parents wanted a photo-op with it as well. 😀

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginAs I always say, good company makes for a good experience. The endless shenanigans of the Luna boys prove that point correct for me all the time.

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTo quickly sum it up, we killed time by moping on the beach, discovering the more untamed side of nature, and having random conversations while burying our toes in the sand. See, you can make any place as idyllic as you want it to be. God gave us a stunning sunset that day too, though.

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginCapping the night off with barbecues and toasted marshmallows = camping amazeballs at its best.

Tulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay BuhanginTulay Buhangin



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