April 2014 – Another Day at Paluan

Remember me saying in the last post that we were supposed to be leaving Mindoro that day, but changed plans at the last minute and stayed another night? Well, here are more photos from that day, consisting of, but not limited to: posing with an Atlas-worthy rock, bathing in fresh spring water, and an impromptu spa session, completely free of charge.Calawagan

CalawaganCalawaganCalawaganThis was our so-called “Atlas” rock, where everyone predictably had a ball getting their own turns posing with/on top/below it. Eventually, it also became the spot for our group picture. I wholeheartedly agree that positioning like this is a welcome deviation from the usual all-together-now group pictures. 🙂

CalawaganJulio, our adventurous boy. I hope he stays this way even after he gets to his teenage years and becomes increasingly self-conscious the way we do nowadays.

CalawaganCalawaganCalawaganThe elusive Juan – I have to wait for moments like these where he is completely unaware of being photographed. (Great, after this he’ll avoid me entirely LOL) Because of his hair and “mysterious demeanor” (he’s actually quite fun to be with!), he’s been nicknamed “Juan Ze Lei”, after the character Hua Ze Lei in Meteor Garden. 😀

CalawaganCalawaganCalawaganAfter about 15 minutes of trekking through some particularly precarious terrain, here we are at the fresh water spring! 🙂 It’s exceptionally clear, cool and refreshing here. Time just flies as you submerge yourself in the mineral-rich water while having a good chat with your companions.

CalawaganDad with his oddball sense of humor that comes once in a while. Guess what he’s trying to imply here?

CalawaganCalawaganCalawaganCalawaganCalawaganYes, spa party going on! Tita Marie decided to ask her younger kids to go hunting for stones from the spring, as apparently they have certain benefits too when rubbed on the skin. Pretty soon everyone was following suit and sloughing arms and legs everywhere. Mom then had the brilliant idea of taking out her bottle of virgin coconut oil, and soon everyone’s hair was involved as well.

I tried telling her, “Mom, you’ll just pollute the spring! You know, make it oily and stuff.” But by then, nobody wasn’t really listening anymore. Needless to say, after they all decided to wrap up their spring-bath-slash-spa-session, they all sported the uniform look of coconut oil-slicked hair. Not really the best look, but take my word for it – it’s absolutely amazing for the hair. 🙂

CalawaganBy the way, there were two or three guys who went to guide us to these lesser-known treasures. They are students on their OJT at Calawagan, the resort we were staying in. So that may be something you can take note of next time. 🙂

CalawaganAnd this is how you take a photo souvenir. Make the most of what you’ve got!

Our last day in the next post! Woohoo!



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