January-February 2014, Boracay: Diniwid, Nami + Going Home

BoracaySo on the day before we were to go home, my parents and their friends went off exploring. I begged off from this trip because I knew there would be a lot of walking, and I didn’t feel fit enough to be confident that I can finish the trip without complaining. Good thing my dad brought my camera, though, because he did capture a gem of a place in Boracay, the part definitely less traveled by people – Diniwid Beach.

BoracayBoracayBoracayDid I regret not coming with them as soon as I saw these photos? Yes. 😦 Scenes like these are always worth a walk, even if it is a longer one. Lesson learned!

BoracayThis is them arriving (by pure chance, yes) at what turns out to be a famous, high-class resort, Nami. I mean, how can it not be high class? Look at its location; each room would practically offer you perfect views of the island!

BoracayBoracayBoracayViews like these. At 100 feet above sea level. Absolutely breathtaking.

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayNow I’m really kicking myself for not going.

On the other hand, do you see my parents and their friends? You’d think they actually booked a room in the resort LOL. The resort, which, according to the leaflet they brought home, costs a minimum of roughly P7000. 😮

BoracayBoracayIn fairness naman to them, they did order food to eat. So… they were allowed to lounge around. Hahaha

BoracayBoracayBoracayFor any traveler to Boracay, be it a first-timer or a seasoned pro, if you haven’t been to Diniwid Beach, then you definitely have to go. Think you’ve seen enough? I tell you, not yet.

BoracayBoracayLooking at these photos, I’ve also come to appreciate my dad’s point of view in photography. Though sometimes he takes blurry shots just when it matters (LOL), framing a shot and point of view is another thing altogether. Another lesson learned: let another person (you trust, of course) hold your camera from time to time. 🙂

BoracayBoracayBoracayNow here’s the main reason why my parents were able to endure the long ride: we met someone on our way to Boracay, and he lives in Diniwid! Meet Glenn!

BoracayHe regaled us with stories of Diniwid Beach as we were waiting for our boat to Boracay together, and needless to say, we were sold! He’s been living and working on the island as a singer/kayak renter for a few years now.

BoracayBoracayPretty soon, it was time to go home. 😦 After 3 days, we never got sick of the views Boracay had to offer us.

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayYes, those are kids you see. This was not far from shore, but already a substantially deep part of the ocean. What some people did (that is kind of illegal, by the way) was to throw coins at the kids for them to sisid, or dive for it.

BoracayBoracayHaving left in the afternoon, we were treated to a last display of the glorious Boracay sunset. As usual, sunsets make you think of God and His majesty. Who else can paint such a dazzling palette of colors but Him?



2 thoughts on “January-February 2014, Boracay: Diniwid, Nami + Going Home

  1. Hi. I like your articles–simple, easy to read and no pretensions. I noticed the sunset photograph and this made me wonder if 2Go now offers afternoon departure from Caticlan to Batangas? I hope to hear from you soon as I am trying to look for affordable means of travel to and from Boracay.

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