January-February 2014, Boracay: Puka Beach & More

BoracayBoracay does not have one beach per se; in fact, it’s divided into Sections 1 to 3. Walking between those sections takes a lot of time; there’s a lot of land area covered. Hence, a lot to explore!

BoracayBoracayBoracayWalking along the beach, feeling the powdery sand between your toes, the water lapping at your feet – all of these are such cliché phrases, which you will just mock and laugh at until you experience it for yourself.

BoracayBoracayHad my first slice of deep dish pizza here, and was… kind of underwhelmed?

For lunch, it was not off to the many restaurants available here (literally every cuisine is represented), but to the Boracay public market.

BoracayBoracayBoracayHow cute are these? The eateries around the market have taken to “recommendations” written in different languages, just so future tourists can see that this place is good.

BoracayBoracayAaaand here we are: Puka Beach! (Actually, “we” is not a correct pronoun… all these photos were taken by my dad/some random tourist because I didn’t go with them to this place.)

BoracayBoracayBoracayApparently, if you haven’t found the perfect souvenir yet, Puka Beach might be a good place to look for more.

BoracayBoracayBoracayFrom what I can see in the photos, Puka Beach boasts of pretty strong waves?

BoracayMy beautiful mother. 😉

BoracayLOL at this. My dad loves doing these kinds of things with the camera.

BoracayBoracayBoracaySo yeah… because of the distance it takes to get there, it’s not as crowded as the normal Boracay shoreline – making for good opportunities to take your next profile picture!

BoracayBoracayBoracayIt was more night strolling and market hunting to end our second day in Boracay…

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayClosing with two shots of our music teacher, Mr. Andrew, who loves reading the Bible, but also didn’t get enough sleep these past few days… 😉




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