January-February 2014, Boracay: Gone Beachin’

OH MY GOODNESS. Here I was since last month, complaining about having nothing to blog about. Then, our Mindoro trip happened, and I had all the time in the world to put up the pictures and blog about it. While checking my blog, however, I discovered that I DID NOT FINISH MY SERIES ON BORACAY. 😦 I just started with an “arrival” post, but never got around to finishing the other pictures. Dayum. My forgetfulness is having too much of a good time.

So without further ado…






BoracaySo after we arrived at around 8am or so, we rested a bit before hopping over to the beach front. It was actually just a 5-minute walk from where we lived, so it was pretty convenient even if we weren’t booked in a beachfront hotel.

BoracayBoracayThe hotel above (I think named La Carmela) was where we were supposed to be staying, but it was full right before we booked. Oh well.

BoracayBoracayI think what sets Boracay apart from the rest of the beaches and resorts here in the Philippines is that it truly has a vibrant, active community going on right at the beach. A smorgasbord of hotels, restaurants, cafés, stores – it’s like a mini city, minus the humidity and pollution. I can now see why people, especially foreigners, are attracted here – it has that urban-but-on-the-beach vibe going on, relaxing but not cut off from the world.

BoracayBoracayBoracayAnd yes, being the opportunists that we were, we found a tree to sleep (Dad) and pose (me) on…

BoracayBoracayBoracayAt every turn, there’s another unique view of beach, ocean, or whatnot waiting to be photographed. I’ll never get sick of these numerous sand-and-sea shots.

BoracayBoracayBoracayAfter all our walking and lounging around, sunset was fast approaching. Man, let me tell you, sunset in Boracay is such a magical time to be taking pictures. And may I add, I didn’t know that these blue boats were such an integral part of Boracay sunset shots until after our trip, where I saw other people’s pictures of Boracay. They add such a unique flavor to the photos!

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracay also has these sand castles with names and dates scattered about, and we had the idea of asking some kids nearby (who built these castles) to customize the name for us. Their labor fee was only P5 (maybe about $0.10?!), much cheaper than what I expected! So first, we asked them to customize for a couple who were travelling with us, and happened to be celebrating their wedding anniversary that same day…

BoracayBoracayBoracayAnd ta-da! After that, it was another P5 for a change of name…

BoracayBoracayBoracayHere’s all of us! Such a fun and jolly group to travel with! 🙂

BoracaySoon, the sunset had taken on a deeper, more beautiful colour. Walking along the beach in this time is just perfect.

DSC_7510BoracayWe gave these two lovebirds a (super) mini wedding anniversary shoot. Had limited equipment and skills to do this, but I enjoyed the experience nevertheless. 🙂

BoracayDSC_7528DSC_7529Of course, after seeing those, my parents just wouldn’t be upstaged. 😀

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayAfterwards, it was dinner at quite the unexpected place – the Astoria Boracay. We had a free dinner there because – wait for it – they wanted to sell us a condo, and my parents + auntie agreed just for the dinner. Ohhh I don’t know what to say any more. 😐

BoracayBoracayBoracayQuick insert: thought AA’s neon yellow polish would be a good fit for island livin’. 😀

BoracayBoracayBoracayWe also got a quick tour of the hotel before we were whisked into another place for the dinner. Hmmm. Potential place to stay in for next time if we become millionaires. LOL

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayAfter dinner, we had a chance to go and see more of the famous Boracay night life. All those lights, designs, fixtures, people, happenings – it’s impossible not to get intoxicated. Now I know why they say the night scene in Boracay is like nothing else!

BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracaySo yes, stay tuned for the next installment! I’ll pretty much make sure I don’t forget this time LOL.



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