April 11, 2014 – Kickin’ Off the Birthday Month

So, as per usual, before getting to the actual point of this post, I will go and rant a little…

I was actually itching to update the blog since last month, where I had plenty of time after graduation and the school year were officially over. Problem is, there was nothing to write about! No recent travels, no special events, no sad happenings to make me go all emo on the blog – nada. But then April came around, and for me, that’s when things start getting interesting!

First of all, it’s the birthday month for my dad and I… and our D-groups went ahead of us and organized a semi-surprise party/gathering for all of us. Good food, good people, good conversation – what’s not to love?


DSC_9527Yeah, that was how prominently my age was displayed. :/

Some people went up front to give messages, and our Uncle Tommy had this particularly funny incident where a certain balloon just wouldn’t leave him alone…

DSC_9532DSC_9534DSC_9535DSC_9536Another highlight was when my sweet girls went up and sang again for me – given that they only got a look at the song’s lyrics about 10 minutes ago. 😀

DSC_9542DSC_9541DSC_9543Finally, we had one of the best people to keep us all jolly and entertained, no other than our Auntie Marivic:

DSC_9554DSC_9558DSC_9561Yeah, there she was with her own powerful rendition of “Girl on Fire” and other dance hits. 😀

DSC_9563DSC_9578DSC_9587Actually, two other people were celebrating with me on that day:

DSC_9592My (also-passes-off-as-fairy-in-real-life) godmother, whose actual birthday was two days earlier, and my dad, who comes a day after me.

DSC_9596DSC_9598DSC_9602I think the adults had more fun than we did, though. They had some (according to them) really yummy red wine. Seriously, I had never seen a group of more than 10 adults exclaim at almost the same time: “ang sarap nito!” (This tastes really good!) It must be that good…




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