September 2013, Nanjing – Play

With work, we always need to have a period of downtime, too. Ironically, it was Ptr. Peter and Auntie Deonna who invited me out. 😀 Lo and behold, I discover the joys of a simple night walk, more so with a camera in hand. 🙂

NanjingNanjingNanjingWalking around China at night… oh, how I missed this. I never feel afraid or cautious of anything (although of course, staying vigilant is a must) whenever I walk around any place in China at night. It just goes to show that there’s not much of a reason to feel frightened or threatened. On the contrary, I hate having to walk outside at night here in the Philippines. 😐

NanjingNanjingNanjingNanjing is also set to host the upcoming Youth Olympics, so as with any Chinese city with an upcoming major event, renovations and revamps are happening here and there.

DSC_61091DSC_6111Memories to treasure ❤

NanjingNanjingDSC_61021One of the most indelible moments of my walk with the Tan-Chi couple was how loving they were (they’re holding hands in this photo!), even after forty years of marriage! Yes, you are supposed to be loving, no matter how many decades you’ve been together. Sadly, though, the world and media has largely distorted our ideas about love and marriage. Love is a daily choice of whether you do this, or you adjust and accommodate. Praise God for the opportunity to learn so much from them. 🙂

NanjingNanjingOn our last night, some people took us out to this Muslim-friendly restaurant, promising us one of the best meals in Nanjing. Let me just say, remember the name and exterior of this restaurant, because the food is darn good! 🙂

NanjingNanjingNanjingThe usual Chinese appetizers came right before the main courses – and boy, did those main courses deliver!

NanjingThis is Nanjing’s famous 盐水鸭, roughly translated as duck or goose cooked in brine. Hearing the description itself, I wouldn’t have tried it – I personally prefer Beijing’s roast duck. HOWEVER. Out of courtesy, I ate one – and loved it! It had the right amount of salt. Definitely something worth trying out!

NanjingTHIS BEEF BALL. It’s basically an oversized beef ball, but it literally falls apart when you touch it, and it just melts in your mouth. It’s so hard to believe that it’s all beef! According to our hosts, the people here hammer it until it’s really tender, and then make it into these beef balls. Super delicious!

NanjingNanjingWe all ooh-ed and ahh-ed when these two plates of ribs came out – one beef, one goat. Both were seasoned with the usual fare you usually see in Muslim food, cumin and the like. Needless to say, we got our hands dirty and grabbed one rib each!

NanjingNanjingThis little baby had its own grand entrance. At first glance, it looks like a normal, albeit oversized xiao long bao; however, our hosts explained that it had all sorts of goodies inside, including this special crab meat. According to them, these crabs are specially cultured until they grow to a certain small size. That’s what makes the meat special. Of course, as this was going on I was practically thinking about the Philippines’s own talangka, and this didn’t taste half bad. The thing is, you have to start by siphoning out the contents with a straw, and not dig into it! Of course, I got impatient and dug in once I got about half the juice and contents, as the rest of the juice spilled out on the plate, to the horror of our hosts. 😮

NanjingNeedless to say, we went back to our hotel on our last night really full. Chinese hospitality – one of a kind! (albeit a bit wasteful…)



4 thoughts on “September 2013, Nanjing – Play

    • I know right? It’s all blessings from above 🙂 unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for that. But yes, the way the locals describe it is chilling enough 😦

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