September 2013, Nanjing – Work

Is this blog going to be a travel blog? I certainly wouldn’t mind, but what about the new nail polishes that are purchased from time to time? 😮 Ahaha.

Anyway, God has blessed me again by giving me the opportunity to travel (again) to China (again) for translation work. That’s my third visit to China this year, and the third new place in China I have been to! Blessings truly abound. Not only that, I had the privilege of working for and beside Dr. Peter Tan-Chi and his wife Deonna, people who I truly look up to in the areas of spiritual guidance and parenting.

A photo diary of our almost week-long work days:

Nanjing Jinling HotelNanjing Jinling HotelWas so blessed to have been booked at one of the best hotels in Nanjing, the five-star Jinling Hotel. They have good service (considering how bad service is in China), and their breakfast buffet is to die for! One unrelated point: I got my fill of bacon and cheese in their breakfast buffet. 😀

Nanjing Jinling HotelNanjing Jinling HotelNanjing Jinling HotelNanjing Jinling HotelNanjing Jinling HotelLOOK at that magnifying mirror. It’s an honest-to-goodness one that really magnifies, and is not of the sucky quality of those cheap ones sold outside. I wish I had a mirror like this for my makeup everyday!

Nanjing Jinling HotelDSC_6026DSC_5953Le new boss.

DSC_5957DSC_5961DSC_5965DSC_5977Although their church is recognized by the government – in fact, the land their church was built on was donated by the government!! – to be sure, no close-up shots of the participants will be posted.

DSC_5974DSC_5982DSC_5962DSC_6002This was our work setup. To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about it at first just because it reminded me so much of a traditional church where I easily fell asleep, but I warmed up to it after a few hours!

DSC_6007DSC_5984DSC_6010DSC_6023Lunch breaks took me back to pack-lunch days in Jinan University.

DSC_6036DSC_6045DSC_6054DSC_6060DSC_6073DSC_6076Well, this photo deserves to be posted. 🙂 In the Lord’s work, if there is a group of 100 people with only 5 people inside who are actually willing to learn and work, then our travel has not been in vain. 🙂



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