July 2013, Guilin – Elephant Trunk Hill 象鼻山

GuilinLooking back, we were really immensely lucky to have had our gracious Christian hosts at Guilin. They were super attentive to everyone, even to me who was just a translator tagging around. The level of concern and attention they showed us was the epitome of Chinese courtesy. 谢谢你们,你们热情的接待真的好感人。

Anyway, the reason why I’m saying this is because in spite of their busy schedules, they took us everywhere there is worth seeing in Guilin. One of the more memorable spots: 象鼻山, or the Elephant Trunk Hill.

GuilinYou know how tourist spots and landmarks in China go: just like how concerts have front acts or pre-shows, they have little parks that come before the “main event”!

DSC_5522DSC_5525DSC_5523Meet Nancy! This Guilin trip was my first foray into professional translating, and I learned a lot just by sitting down and watching her. And yet, with her skill and experience, she’s still one of the most humble and down-to-earth people I’ve met. Love you to bits!

GuilinGuilinGuilinGuilinRandom statues of random people (at least to me, of course) lead to… a sudden shoreline?!

GuilinGuilinOkay, so you might be looking at my picture and saying, “well, where’s the elephant trunk here?” Yeah, the place where we were standing at didn’t give us the best angle, but taking a picture and seeing it for myself is fine with me. Here is one of the many photos taken by other people, which shows the reason for its name. http://upload.17u.com/uploadfile/2011/08/23/2/2011082314531416501.jpg

GuilinGuilinGuilinIf you see me posting pictures of some particular trees on the blog, that’s most probably because they’re at least hundred-year-old trees. Some, like those from the Beijing posts, have reached more than 600 years! Insane.

DSC_5537GuilinGuilinGuilinGuilinOn our way out, our hosts wanted to take us to dinner on a place that happens to be the opposite side of Elephant Trunk Hill. According to them, the scenery while you’re dining is not so bad. However, the bad blogger in me came out when my camera ran out of juice shortly after these photos. Oops.

DSC_5546GuilinAnyway, this reflection, or 倒影 as the Chinese like to say. Isn’t it pretty? That’s not the best of it, though…

GuilinAwait with bated breath (yuck, drama LOL) for the next post, which documents our trip to Yangshuo, a province inside Guilin. In Yangshuo lie the combination of mountains + waters that comes to mind when one thinks of Guilin. 🙂


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