2013 Chinese Teachers’ Yearly Meeting – Naga City

Naga CityLet’s post something more recent before we go down the photos of months past, shall we? Last August was the three-day meeting & seminar of all the Chinese schools in Luzon, happening once every two years. This year’s host was Naga City, and let’s be honest – I was more excited about seeing my friends and being reunited with them than the actual seminar itself. Ha! 😀

DSC_5727Every year of this event, several teachers prepare for an actual class like the usual (yes, it’s not a demo-teaching), the only difference being us and all the other teachers are there watching you. This year, my friend Janne got to do not one, but two classes, and pulled it off with aplomb! So proud of you, Date! ❤

DSC_5739DSC_5729DSC_5751Day time for work, night time for play! We spent one night at the local Starbucks (WHEN SHALL LUCENA CITY HAVE STARBUCKS?!) and another night at a cute little café named White Bean. This was the only photo I got using the DSLR, but the whole area was like this – quirky cute and whimsical.

Naga CityNaga CityNaga CityNaga CityNaga CityNaga CityNaga CityOne thing I have to say: their strawberry cheesecake was amazing. I haven’t had a lot of cheesecakes in my life, yes, but for me this one takes the cake. (Har har.) However, good food is only half as good if you’re not with people you love, right? 😉



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