April-May 2013, Beijing – The Beijing Zoo 北京动物园

Beijing ZooIt’s time to go to the zoo! (And for my last blog entry about Beijing, yay! Time to move on LOL) As might be predicted, our older teacher companions weren’t excited about this, but the, ehem, younger friends and I were super stoked about this! As it turned out, the day had so much more in store for me.

Beijing ZooFirst off, the pandas. This was actually my second time to see them up close, the first being at Chengdu. Personally, I think the environment for pandas is better done in Chengdu, but anyway. Seeing pandas for the second time around made me ooh and aah at how cute they were, especially with their antics; but at the same time, I realized that they are never going to be truly happy and free in their glass cages, even if their natural environment has been mimicked for them. Looking at them, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness for them.

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThis guy, though, looks like he’s doing just fine! Or that is his bored pose. LOL 😀

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThere were also outdoor environments, where we can photograph the pandas with better natural light and without the glass walls.

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooOur hearts melted when we saw this panda banging at the gate where the panda workers usually deliver their food or interact with them. It’s interesting to see how the panda has developed a reflex where he knows the place to go if he needs or wants something. I would have given anything to be that lady at the gate, even for only five minutes!

Beijing ZooLooks like he didn’t get what he wanted. 😦

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBerber & I went off to see as much sections of the HUGE zoo as we can in an hour. I’m so sorry if I couldn’t name certain animals; I had a lot of first-time “looks” here!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooThis pheasant had an unusually long tail that flowed beautifully whenever it walked. Such a shame I didn’t get to take more pictures of it, as it didn’t want to move anymore. 😦

Beijing ZooTHIS guy, however, I devoted a lot of my time and attention too. This pudgy bird caught my attention with his natural blue mohawk! LOL take that, mohawk wannabes!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooAs the folks at America’s Next Top Model would have said… FIERCE!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooCute little raccoons!!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooI got super excited when I saw the lemurs, and couldn’t help but break into song. “I like to move it, move it…” Okay, Madagascar movie, this was your fault. If King Julian was among them, I wouldn’t be surprised! LOL

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooSaw quite a number of foxes, which intrigued me, but unfortunately they were all sleeping or moping around. I guess night time really is their time for activity. 😐

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThis boar (I think?) was a hot mess. LOL it just kept running around in circles! As in!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooAaand TA-DA. My first elephant! Woah. Seeing in it person for the first time took a little while to sink in.

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooBeijing ZooIt didn’t look particularly majestic, though, mainly because it was so thin. Again, seeing him made me feel a mixture of elation (at seeing an actual elephant!) and sadness because although he is fed, he still is not in his natural habitat.

Beijing ZooTiger time! Look at this cute sign!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooThe tiger was inside a glass enclosure similar to the pandas above (with good reason), which allowed me to get a safe, good look at my first tiger. Roar!

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooScrawny wolf. I wanted to throw it a nice, fat, juicy rabbit or something.

Beijing ZooTo end this post – guess who? Tough, eh? Haha 😀

Beijing ZooBeijing ZooOH yes it’s the mighty leopard. Him lying around there was the perfect opportunity to take a shot – can’t believe I was that close!! I would’ve loved a bit of action – hunting prey around, for instance – but all he gave us was a sudden leap, and THAT already scared the hell out of me. Maybe him lounging is a good idea after all.


P.S. Our deadline was called and we had to go home, but we just had to rush to the polar bear enclosure and get a glimpse at the polar bear. IT WAS BROWN! 😮 Berber said that’s because it’s summer and there’s no ice around, but all the same, it pretty much gave me a new insight into polar bears.


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