April-May 2013, Beijing – Peking University 北京大学

FYI before we start: Some of the views or buildings may look incredibly close-up, and that’s because I mounted the wrong lens, a 50mm, on my camera the day I visited. Yes, this didn’t allow me to take pictures of buildings as a whole as how I would have wanted, but on the other hand it also challenged me to find new angles and ways of shooting things! Great learning experience. 🙂Peking UniversityLast time I checked, August just started and I continued getting busy arranging these Beijing photos. Good news is, we’ve only about two more blog posts left. 🙂 Bad news? One more day and it’s September. 😦 July’s Guilin photos are not yet even seeing the light of day, and it’s September?! Time flies crazy fast!

Anyway. I braved the new-to-me Beijing subway, and headed over to the country’s number one university, 北京大学 (Peking University) to meet up with my Burmese college classmate. I’m not so sure about which campus is bigger, but this can definitely give UP a run for its money in size. What I’m sure about, though, is that it’s indefinitely prettier than UP:

Peking UniversityIMG_20130506_140322Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityLove, love, love the architecture that goes through this place. It somehow strikes the perfect balance between old, rustic China and building function. What’s more of a highlight, though, is the amazing plant life that surrounds this place and makes itself an integral part of the university atmosphere.

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityIMG_20130505_195029Peking UniversityBefore I show you some amazing peonies, here I was with my Burmese classmate, Lotus! (Oooh, a flower name to match!) There’s no doubt that I’ve been missing my China classmates terribly ever since we graduated last year, and it’s euphoric to be able to see even one of them to spend quality time with. Thank you for being my tour guide through the MASSIVE campus, Lotus!

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityI used to be a roses girl, but after seeing all the big, pretty peonies that day, I’m now an official peony girl! 😉

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityGorgeous, right? Peonies are the new way to my heart. ❤ (subtle there, really subtle)

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking University, I shall repeat, is HUGE. So huge, it’s practically perfect for walking around, whether walking alone ala emo-I-want-to-spend-time-with-myself or walking together with a special someone through this beautiful scenery. There are some major lakes scattered around the campus (I’m actually too direction-disoriented to remember), with trees and shrubbery all throughout that seemed to just be placed in all the right places.

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityIMG_20130507_153905And of course, there’s this pagoda-like tower that’s as iconic as the main gate sign of Peking University. I forgot the name, though. 😦

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityBeautiful details, right? But don’t let that derail you too long, the rest of the campus is picturesque and leaves something to be discovered at practically every block.

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityOh yeah, and more beautiful flowers aside from peonies are also on display. Lord, Your creations are simply wonderful! 🙂

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityThis tree makes for some great perching, whether for reading a book, watching the ducks swimming around, or simply to take a picture. 😀

IMG_20130513_235350Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityWe went by more random spots; honestly, they all meant something, it’s too much to keep up with. The fact that they make for beautiful pictures, though, gives me good enough an experience as a tourist. 🙂

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityAren’t these cherry blossoms gorgeous? 😀

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversitySoon after, we got hungry; I was really excited to try out their massive canteen. SO many choices! I felt so spoiled by all they had to offer. :p

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityLOVE their monogrammed spoons! The beef & onions I had was sinfully good, too. Canteen food at its best!

All too soon, though, it was time to get home… but not after dropping by Lotus’s sosyal (posh) dormitory building and hanging out at her room. Man, their dormitories are much, much better than how we were used to, almost condotel-like!

Peking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPeking UniversityPosh dormitories aren’t enough to lure me to study here, though. Well, at least not for the moment. My classmate told me the stories of the crushing pressure they put upon students here, and believe me when I say, the competition and pressure is intense. Excellence does come at a price, eh?



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