April-May 2013, Beijing – Arrival

Sooo 2013 has proven itself to be the year God rained blessings on the very undeserving me. Travel to new & different places every month (the very memorable one being Thailand in February) has certainly been exhilarating, and the amazing thing was this: God knew I missed China terribly, and so He gave me an opportunity to go back there – and to its capital Beijing, no less!

Beijing has always been one of my dream cities to travel to, mainly due to the tourist spots we all know now – the Great Wall, Olympic village and all. Being Chinese, it’s even more meaningful to be able to go to these cultural spots and appreciate the history of our roots.

Beijing 2013And I knew my dream was starting to come true as soon as we landed on the Beijing airport!

Beijing 2013Beijing 2013I was there with other teachers for a one-month training, and accommodations and everything else were provided for free. Luxurious hotel room for a month! Cherry blossoms all around! Not having to worry about anything (except how to budget my shopping money LOL)! The whole trip, I was pinching myself to see if all of this was real, and once I confirmed that yes, this was happening, I could do nothing else but thank God for His goodness in making this happen.

DSC_4306My friends and I wasted no time; after settling down in our rooms and going through the requisite opening ceremonies, we went and took a long, leisurely walk around our university. Oh yeah, we had our studying and training at 首都师范大学 (Capital Normal University), which may not be number one in the whole country, but holds its own in the area of academic excellence and facilities. For those wanting to go to Beijing to study but are scared off by the high standards of Peking University and such, CNU is a very good alternative without sacrificing academic integrity. 🙂

Beijing 2013DSC_4285DSC_4271Trademark of big Chinese universities = equally big, imposing universities. It doesn’t look the newest, but I love how details of it show from certain angles.

DSC_4284DSC_4269Beijing 2013And oh, did I mention earlier? CHERRY BLOSSOMS!! Was super excited to see these in person for the first time!

DSC_4279Beijing 2013IMG_20130417_215630

One marked difference of China from the Philippines is how picturesque every place seems to be, be it the inside of a private institution, a school, or simply the streets and sidewalks. Plants and flowers play a big role in this, and one thing’s for sure, them Chinese sure know how to utilize these beauties… and oh, keeping every place clean at all time. *nudge* Philippines? *nudge*
DSC_4282DSC_4301DSC_4303We also wandered inside their gymnasium, where we found…

DSC_4286…a basketball court-slash-auditorium worthy of High School Musical! 😀 Seriously, the place looked like it came right out of the movie.

DSC_4294DSC_4288DSC_4291Allow me to close with some of our cheesy shots. 😀 Feeding you parts of our AH-MAY-ZING month in Beijing through the next few days!



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