Bangihan ni Kuya

DSC_4039You know how you drive through highways in the province, and you always see those big thatched huts that are actually eateries or restaurants? Yeah, we never thought of trying those, but this particular one along the Candelaria highway in Quezon named Bangihan ni Kuya came highly recommended by one of my dad’s friends, so we decided to try it out on one of our recent trips!

DSC_4036DSC_4044DSC_4037The thing with the pricing of this place is that it’s waaay more expensive that it should be. The price and serving size ratio is just not right, which makes it a shame since the food itself is pretty good!

DSC_4041DSC_4056DSC_4042One of the highlights of this place is their grilled pork. The taste is quite similar to Palaisdaan – perfection for me – but again, for the price and serving size it came in, it became such a shame. The fish tasted very good as well, but the ones we ordered weren’t grilled well – some meat still stuck at the bones, meaning it’s not fully cooked.

DSC_4050DSC_4053DSC_4051DSC_4054The sinigang, however, was amazeballs. Yeah, that medium-sized bowl cost more than P350 (again, a little pricey), but man, it was amazing – the best sinigang I’ve ever tasted in my life! Would love to go back just for this!

P.S. The photo above the sinigang is sisig. I love my sisig and everything, but DON’T ORDER IT!

DSC_4045To add insult to injury, the fresh coconuts ordered by our companions were a little sour. 😦

DSC_4032DSC_4029DSC_4049To sum it up, I really wanted to love the place – the place was light and airy, the grills smelled delicious and most of the food were delicious. There were a few hiccups, though, which somehow made me think ours wasn’t an accident. Most of all, I think they need to fix their pricing. Considering the owners aren’t renting the land, and they use minimal electricity, there’s no reason to charge that high!



8 thoughts on “Bangihan ni Kuya

  1. Nice Photo Diary Dann! Tried the Bangihan ni Kuya out after reading this, I was driving to Bicol. I agree with you … Food is amazing !! Compared to other places I thought prices were fair, food was worth every bite, much cheaper than Manila.

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