Koon Lin Seafood Restaurant, etc.

DSC_4059Just yesterday, we visited the newly-opened restaurant of one of Dad’s friends, named Koon Lin Seafood Restaurant.

DSC_4065DSC_4060DSC_4073At the mention of Chinese restaurants, I always have that love-hate feeling about them – yes, Chinese food is good and all that, but perhaps being exposed to it practically all my life, I don’t feel as much excitement for it as I do for other cuisine. Happy to say that Koon Lin rekindled the “love” in me, though!

DSC_4062DSC_4064DSC_4069It’s a bit upscale, mostly price-wise but also design-wise, for our small city of Lucena. However, what we did notice is that, after a month of business, the place is still very busy with customers, mostly with native Chinese (we call ’em TDK, Fookien people get that!) who have moved their families and businesses to Lucena. We had one teacher from China with us as well, and she echoed the reason why this place has been a hit with its intended market: the food tasted really authentic.

DSC_4077DSC_4075I loved that their fried squid was tender enough to cut through with a spoon. Cannot tell you about the million experiences I had with Chinese restaurants where I had to pull at the squid with everything I got!

DSC_4076My ultimate favorite (which I will be ordering in every Chinese restaurant from now on): eggplant with ground beef and spices! Everything else we ordered was YUM as well.

DSC_4066DSC_4057Fun fact: the phrases on the wall are actually part of a Chinese saying. Anyway, love how the place was tastefully designed! Enough to make you feel like you’re dining in some Chinese restaurant in Manila. 🙂

Koon Lin is actually at the second floor of the building it’s at. In the first floor are two more establishments, owned by the children of Koon Lin’s owner: M2 Miko Miko, which is more like Western dining but with a more casual and relaxed feel, and Chuables (tell me that name is not cute; the family’s name is Chua), which is a bakery.

DSC_4087DSC_4081Chuables is still pretty much reasonably priced, and anything you buy here can be carried into the other two establishments – same goes for the other two restos as well!

DSC_4080DSC_4082DSC_4090Look at that lightbulb fixture! SO CUTE.

DSC_4084DSC_4089The place was also pretty packed, so although our food tasting had to go for next time, that just about sums up how good the food is here. Till next time!



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