Rhoel & Johan (March 16, 2013)

…which happens to be my mother’s birthday as well. Haha!

DSC_3206DSC_3210Birthday celebrations can always come second place, though, to an event where two people come back to God and make things right with Him. This was the case with my uncle Rhoel and his soon-to-be wife Johan, and while part of my excitement comes from my giddiness at actually shooting an event for the first time, most of it is happiness bursting out for both of them. Couldn’t be happier for you both!

DSC_3222DSC_3249We were also very privileged to have Dad and Mom’s (among others) disciplers, Ptr. Desmond and Ptr. Robert, around to officiate! The event was supposed to be a wedding in itself, but their marriage certificates didn’t come out in time, so they just went with a thanksgiving and engagement party. (refer to tarpaulin. Haha)

DSC_3261DSC_3324DSC_3370A professional orchestra is always nice, but nothing beats “homemade” music with people you know as the talents! 🙂

Afterwards, Uncle Rhoel shared his testimony of how he got a second, no make that third, lease at life. It’s amazing to hear direct from him how God was completely the One who turned his life around. Reminds us that, yes, we should continue making efforts to reach out to the people around us, but it’s ultimately God who changes and transforms lives. 🙂 So happy for you, uncle!

DSC_3268DSC_3287DSC_3288He kinda ran out of breath quite fast, though, due to his health condition. Tita Johan soon took over, but got emotional real quick as well…

DSC_3293…so there had to be a third person to read the testimony for them. 😀

DSC_3379DSC_3356Expectantly waiting for the next big event, the simple but meaningful wedding. 🙂

DSC_3424DSC_3400DSC_3423DSC_3443There are a million captions I can think up for this picture LOL. I’m just glad that I got the settings right for this night to capture moments like these!

DSC_3497DSC_3446DSC_3507Presenting: the lovely Ng Tio ladies. ❤

DSC_3524It’s quite rare to capture the family matriach smiling… mostly because right after she’s aware you’ve taken the shot, she instantly glares at you. 😮

DSC_3500DSC_3498The night quickly turned to a somewhat dysfunctional karaoke session where we had a talented violinist, a talented but shy singer, a self-confident singer, and a confident but rusting pianist. 😀 Cracks me up!

DSC_3523Ending this post with a lovey-dovey shot with one of my favorite couples. ❤ All you need is love! (yuck, cheesy)



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