Palaisdaan, New Lens

How else could I have titled this? Previously blogged about Kamayan sa Palaisdaan before, but since you can never have enough of a good sisig fix, here we were again.

DSC_2878DSC_2862DSC_2864The one I previously wrote about was the “older” one, now managed by the father. You know how a lot of those success stories go: family has an internal blowout (in this case, it’s the dad and son), and one leaves to open up a new one or something. This one is the “new” and more modernly-designed Palaisdaan, with lots of gimmicks and stuff, managed by the son.

For more details, ask the Tayabas locals hahaha. 😀

DSC_2865DSC_2866DSC_2876DSC_2868One of their “gimmicks” (okay, features) include a mini zoo with monkeys, eagles, and a big fat snake. Likey?

DSC_2871DSC_2872DSC_2885On a completely unrelated note, I started playing around with white balance settings… and I like what I see. 😀

DSC_2874DSC_2891DSC_2886This is my mom trying to coax a laugh/smile out of Dan. Dan may be a special child, but he’s like a lot of other brothers I know: once they see a camera, they clam up their mouths and do whatever face that is not a smile, thinking it’s so cool. 😀 Oh brother. (literally)

DSC_2882DSC_2883A lot of people compare the “old” and this “new” Palaisdaan in terms of taste, but personally, I think it’s pretty much the same. Just an excuse to be able to go to Palaisdaan more regularly is enough for me. 🙂



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