On the Road

Literally got off the car and got my closest for this.


Behold, le portrait of Mr. Cow. LOL 😀 Funny thing was, he was actually looking the other way. For some reason, when I got down and started shooting, he literally looked at me, like, “you want my picture, huh? Here you go…” LOL my imagination.

Through the course of our frequent trips along the provincial highways, what always makes me stop and stare out the window are the vast number of plains and farmland just along the way. Sometimes, we see them cows and other pure, untouched aspects of nature that we take them for granted.

DSC_2815That day, I was reminded that the beauty of God’s creation is always around me, and they should never be taken for granted because they remind me just how awesome and mighty He is.

DSC_2818Next time, I’ll get a fantastic zoom/macro lens and take good shots of these plucky herons. 🙂

P.S. I haven’t gotten around to fully customizing the blog yet so as to make my posted pictures appear bigger, but you can always click on them to view them in their (almost) full-sized glory. 😀



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