Eduvigis Lucena – The Prequel

I like to call it a prequel, simply because I didn’t take enough photos of the place, and plan to make up for it after our next visit. 😀

Anyway, Eduvigis Lucena is an establishment similar to the previously-blogged Zymurgy – coffee shop, restaurant and bar in one. You know how much Filipinos love their coffee shops offering rice meals. Hahaha!

DSC_2823DSC_2821Eduvigis has more of a great-dining vibe, and it brands itself as a restaurant as well, so it offers more dishes with more varieties than the usual. They have a chef in there, too, so they’re really banking on the dining thing. In fairness naman, they have a lot of great dishes that impress even my mom!

DSC_2827DSC_2824Mozarella sticks!! Wish they had a little more flavor, but anything fried with mozarella in it is fine by me. 😀

DSC_2830They have another specialty, which is the sisig pusit (how to translate sisig?), so that will go for the next post. 🙂

DSC_2822DSC_2832Another one of their best-sellers, the praline cake. Wasn’t in the mood for cake that time, but if my mom likes it, then it’s most probably good. 🙂



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