A Gentleman’s Abode

Before you judge me for the title, there’s a story behind it…

As I mentioned here, we had the opportunity to visit the quaint little mansion of a certain wealthy gentleman, who we later found out is still a bachelor after 50+ years… whom Mom later discovered (through chatting him up, LOL) was because the love of his life of unrequited love. Or something like that. OH MY GOSH OFF TOPIC. Back to the house!


I asked permission to photograph his beautiful house for the blog, and he said sure… and suggested this title for me. Well, I couldn’t think of it any other way. 🙂

DSC_2659DSC_2663DSC_2661DSC_2679Walking into his (kept comfortably cool by massive floor air-conditioners) house is like walking into a museum showcasing assorted relics from the 60’s through the 80’s. Seriously! He had a lot of stuff that was so well-kept, so antique, you couldn’t help but gasp in awe at each one of them.

Case in point: the paintings…

DSC_2677DSC_2684Okay, so I don’t know much about paintings, and can’t appreciate them as well as other people do. HOWEVER, my parents spotted something that made them squeal with that all-familiar feeling of nostalgic delight. And no, it wasn’t the painting…

DSC_2688It was this rustic GE electric fan that’s freakin’ older than me by more than ten years! 😮 Imagine an electric fan out of the 80’s, lounging around your study room? Told ya this was going to be museum-like.

DSC_2680DSC_2695DSC_2692The stairs may not mean much to a non-observer, but as our interior designer friend pointed out, these individual stairs are SINGLE blocks of wood. I mean, I know how hard it is to come by chunks of wood as big as these, and this is no ordinary wood. Can’t remember the name, but take my word for it, it’s quality wood – and they most probably come from the 80’s or something as well.

DSC_2690DSC_2697DSC_2698Behold, an authentic Singer sewing machine, and not those compact ones you can carry around. Complete and standing in all its glory!

DSC_2704DSC_2699DSC_2702Back downstairs, where we chilled and talked for a bit. Shooting around the house with my then-new 50mm lens was awkward, as with shooting houses I think zoom lenses would be more comfortable. This lens pushed my comfort zone a bit, however, and the results weren’t all that bad! Some even surprised me a bit. 🙂

DSC_2710DSC_2711DSC_2712Didn’t get to hear his stories about these knick-knacks, but betcha they’re vintage, too. Those clocks look suspiciously vintage, as that… what’s that in the center? I’m afraid only my dad and mom can tell me. Age differences showing, muahaha.

DSC_2708DSC_2714The umpteenth light fixture I probably shot… but such is the house. It’s so meticulously designed with detail, there’s not a dull space in the house. Even the lights, ceilings and borders are interesting in themselves. Gotta appreciate a house like that!

DSC_2728DSC_2752DSC_2753Back outside too soon, and the sun was setting, casting pretty lights and nuanced shadows all over the house. It definitely gave the already storied house an allure of its own, but seeing the hugeness of it all, and the stories of one man, got me thinking: personally, although I wouldn’t want a luxurious house without someone to share it with, it also helped me gain a new level of respect for people like these. God designed all of us with different personalities and preferences, but everything can be beautiful in its own way. 🙂



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