February at Thailand – Time to Say Goodbye

Okay, I lost…

February ended, and I wasn’t able to finish my series on Thailand!! 😦 Oh well.

DSC_2469A few shots while going around Bangkok. I am always amazed by how much the Thai people respect their king, which is worrisome since he’s not getting any younger, and his son is supposed to be a bad apple… okay, Thai gossip is not exactly my thing. :p

DSC_2465DSC_2466DSC_2470This was the Platinum mall (and the surrounding area) I was talking about here. Totally forgot I had more pictures of it in the back.

DSC_2508DSC_2472DSC_2475While eating, suddenly saw this and did a double take… Diether Ocampo, is that you?! Ahahaha

DSC_2480DSC_2477Totally forgot to ask about the name of this dish, but it’s so yummy! Radishes and bean sprouts and whatnot all together = yum.

DSC_2513DSC_2512DSC_2507Cutie baby asleep on his comfy stroller. Good thing I used my ninja skills here, as the parents didn’t look too friendly. 😐

DSC_2541Paper cups in one of the Thai groceries. If you don’t drink your free water fast enough, the cup… gets soaked more and more. Predictably.

DSC_2544DSC_2547Bangkok at night… while waiting for mom, we were literally sitting on the steps of one of the buildings. Thing I realized: you don’t care too much about things like this if you’re a tourist. If you made me sit like this on the Philippines, I’d probably get pissed off soon.

DSC_2560DSC_2563DSC_2558Hello again, Suvarnabhumi Airport! All too soon, it’s time to leave. 😦

DSC_2564DSC_2566A loooot of people were taking pictures here, it seemed virtually impossible to get a clean shot of this long dragon-thing with all the people!

DSC_2569Don’t you love the cheeky humor on my brother’s shirt?

DSC_2570DSC_2568Yeah… the area before the departure waiting areas are full of shopping, again. Big-time shopping for sure! Too bad we didn’t get to browse much at Jim Thompson. They say that if you want to get quality silks at Thailand, go to Jim Thompson. Anyone care to verify?

DSC_2573Wallet from Hermés that probably costs a truckload… (or okay, walletful)

DSC_2577DSC_2579Didn’t get any fluffy-cloud sky shots or whatever, but this will do. Goodbye, Thailand, it’s been amazing getting to know you in the flesh! Will definitely be back in the future, hopefully soon. ❤



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