Sneak Peek

The other weekend, my family & I were privileged to tag along with an interior designer friend of ours, who in turn was visiting a client. Not just any client, mind you – he’s part of one of the richest families in our province. O ha. So off we went to visit him in his mansion along Manila Bay – that, I will show you next time, muhaha. You’ll have to bear with my mug right now…

DSC_2732The whole place was so pretty with its own distinct style, so Dad looked at me and said: “outfit shot?” Oh, to have a dad that knows you so well. :D

DSC_2739DSC_2749DSC_2733O di bafor a change of scenery naman in my outfit shots. A new location with zero people around is always nice. Haha!DSC_2675Got this bag during our recent trip to Thailand, and it’s now my favorite go-to bag! Don’t you love how minimalist yet functional it is? 🙂
DSC_2673DSC_2726DSC_2744This was a completely candid shot, but it came out all snotty, like “this is my house and you better be aware of it” or something. LOL

DSC_2738from China earrings, Bershka shirt and pants, from Thailand bag, SM Parisian flats

I swear you’ll love the house. It’s beautiful, to say the least – and it stays true to its own style and flair. Coming soon!

P.S. This experience taught me that taking pictures on those last moments before sunset turn out quite stunning. 🙂



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