February at Thailand – This and That

A little more of the everyday things, the day before we left…

DSC_2410After staying in the Pathum Thani neighborhood for a week, we observed that there were specific times where crows would come flying around. One of them, in particularly, had his regular time on top of the tallest tree in our neighbour’s house. This is one of the many times where I go and think: hmmm, a long-distance zoom lens as my next purchase does not sound so bad. 😉

DSC_2340DSC_2339DSC_2352DSC_2420James, the kooky American missionary who keeps comparing his camera’s self-timer to a wolf. Go figure…

DSC_2461DSC_2457Another night at church, where we finally got a picture with the whole G family!

DSC_2382Getting back home, we were witness to a stunning red sunset, complete with an equally fiery sun – one that my camera (or my lack of photography skills overall) couldn’t do justice.

DSC_2463DSC_2464And oh, if you’re at a loss on how to cap off a night in Thailand, the epic way, may I suggest some fresh tom yam (with something sounding like khung). Even if you’re not a fan of spicy, as I am, you’ll love it. 🙂 Can’t have it any better!


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