February at Thailand – Them Malls

*whew* That was me coming up to breathe after our flurry of February activities! School can be hectic at times not because of the academics, but because of the activities. Anyway, let me finish my February at Thailand posts before February actually ends, LOL!

DSC_2309DSC_2310We started our Sunday in the church of our host. It was truly amazing and heartwarming to see how many Thai souls, although not the majority of Thailand, have been won to Jesus Christ. We were truly touched at how much they loved the Lord and were loyal to Him. Truly, seeing the work of the Lord in different places is a blessing in itself. Next project: to bring Christian education to Thailand, if it be the Lord’s will.

DSC_2356It’s safe to say, though, that after the morning services were done, old habits die hard: malling! Haha it happens in the Philippines, and it happens here in Thailand. A few shots from our walks & exploits in the Pratunam stalls (something like tiangge and ukay-ukay for the Philippines), Future Park, and other assorted malls:

DSC_2355DSC_2333There were a lot of stores selling gold jewelry, which Thailand is fairly famous for as well, but didn’t have our native friends along so we were clueless as how to go about the process. Do have a Thai native with you if you plan to buy gold!

DSC_2315Okay, I took this because may kamukha siyang artista. (He looks like a Philippine celebrity). Can you guess who? 😀

If you’ve been to places like 168 in the Philippines, or just the stores in China, then Platinum Mall (also in the Pratunam area) won’t be new to you. If anything, it’s even more expensive at times than those in the China or the Philippines. For that, I recommend getting out, crossing the street and getting to this place:

DSC_2367DSC_2482…but then again, if you’re a regular at 168, you won’t find much. Yes, you can still find pretty neat clothes as I did, but not as much the shopping haul in Thailand as you would think. Krung Thong Plaza is a better place to be, though, and the food is pretty neat!

DSC_2510Dad found the mannequin position amusing. For a moment, I thought he was asking me to take a photo of the bras, LOL.

DSC_2488We have quite a number of Swensen’s stores in the Philippines, but believe it or not, my first time was in Thailand – and I went there two times, to boot. First being in my Siam Paragon date (more on that later) with my Thai classmate, the second being with my family – especially knowing how much Mom loves herself some strawberry ice cream!

DSC_2492DSC_2498DSC_2489I will admit: the 50mm lens and I are still on our “getting-to-know” stage. 😐

DSC_2343DSC_2347And yes, when you’re in Bangkok, you have to go to Siam Paragon. Granted, it’s not for those with a budget, and it can be compared to the Rustan’s and Greenbelt’s of the Philippines; but since you’re there, why not go, right? 🙂 Plus, if you’re done shopping there, you can just take the metro nearby to Chattuchak Market, another shopping destination for most tourists! No photos on that though, as I was too excited to meet classmate Yin at S. Paragon, I left my camera with my dad. 😦

DSC_2518Another sosyal mall you might be interested in: Central World.

DSC_2521DSC_2523DSC_2520Used my ninja camera skills inside Topshop to take a pic of these gorgeous sandals that are now way, way out of my reach…

DSC_2539DSC_2527DSC_2526DSC_2524Wala langcute ng CR. Haha!

DSC_2538DSC_2537DSC_2535DSC_2530One thing that hasn’t been pictured here: we visited another big mall, also in the Pratunam area, which is like their center for electronics or something. CRAZY CHEAP. Note to self: next time, save all your gadget money for Thailand. 😀



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