February at Thailand – The Food

Food in Thailand is, simply to say, amazing! Of course, getting to another country and sampling the local cuisine is always a unique experience in itself, but for some reason, Thailand’s is soooo good. That’s pretty impressive, as my mouth is notoriously anti-spicy! (You can ask my Thai/Laotian classmates for confirmation LOL)

DSC_2271Guess what was our first meal in Thailand though – Chinese food at the airport. 😐 Main reason? It was the cheapest we could find out of all the restaurants! Big lesson: don’t spend all your money on airport food – ridiculously expensive concerning the dirt-cheap price of Thai food outside the airport!

DSC_2319Ahhh, now that’s better. After good Filipino food at our host’s home, we finally got our first authentic Thai meal at an authentic Thai restaurant – hallelujah! Three cheers for delicious Thai cuisine!

DSC_2321DSC_2324DSC_2323I can’t tell you the resto’s name because obviously, yours truly can’t read Thai. (Oh, the feeling of not being able to read anything besides English is unexplainably frustrating!) The two previous pictures are of Pad Thai (very distinctively Thai, but didn’t impress my mother at all) and spring rolls. Forever favorite!

DSC_2328DSC_2325Did you know Thailand has at least three kinds of curries? (From what I’ve observed, anyway – somebody, please educate me.) My favorite has to be green curry, but this still fairly burned my palate! Our new Thai friend stared at me incredulously after I told her this, and told me, “this is not spicy at all!” Yeah yeah, tell me all about it, that’s what all my Thai classmates told me, too!

DSC_2331DSC_2359Street food… mostly hit-or-miss. It’s best to taste on the spot, so that if it’s a hit for you, then go ahead and buy!

DSC_2374However, if you see giant prawns (we call them sugpo) going at 200 for one huge stick, you just don’t say no!! Ridiculously cheap!

DSC_2337DSC_2366On a side note: I am so happy to see Dakasi stalls popping up in the Philippines – makes me happy that I can satisfy my milk tea cravings without being suspicious about the taste of this store or that store. Apparently, they’re doing the same thing in Thailand!

DSC_2390DSC_2391DSC_2394We almost ate at this Thai buffet, but the local friend warned us that it would be spicy as hell. Therefore…

DSC_2396DSC_2395…we had Japanese food at Thailand. Le sigh, the ironies of life. And oh, do you see how things suddenly look ridiculously zoomed so far? It’s because… I got a new lens! A 50mm one! 😀 It’s gorgeous, but the stationary 50mm takes a little getting used to as opposed to my old 18-55mm zoom lens. I’ve been eyeing this one for quite some time though, and already had the money saved up to buy it in the Philippines just in time for our Thailand trip.

God is eternally good, though, and He prevented me from doing that… because lenses, cameras and everything electronic are crazy cheap in Thailand! The authentic ones, I tell you! Nikon manufactures in Thailand, too, so it’s given that the prices are gonna be lower. Needless to say, I took the chance and got the lens at almost half the price! Unbelievable 😮 Indeed, never doubt God’s provision!

DSC_2404DSC_2408Anyway, back to food 😀 here, you will see my zoom & focus troubles with this lens as I worked my way around it. You can say we’re in our getting-to-know stage.

DSC_2402DSC_2401DSC_2397DSC_2405DSC_2400American missionary James and his Thai wife, Ying – some of our new friends!

DSC_2423During one of the days of our stay, it happened to be the birthday of our host’s daughter… so we bought her a pretty cake, Mom cooked her famous lechon kawali, and traditional Filipino birthday fare was to be had! Spaghetti & lumpiaanyone? 🙂

DSC_2422DSC_2417DSC_2413DSC_2426Our lovely, gracious hosts, the Gutlay family. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness & hospitality during our stay! 🙂

DSC_2428DSC_2434DSC_2441DSC_2442In the end, it was here where I was reminded that what makes the food is mostly not the food itself, but the people you enjoy it with. 🙂



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