About Another Bird

Hello from Thailand! It’s been such a whirlwind trip, as well as a tiring one (the place we live in isn’t so near Bangkok, so going places isn’t so easy), but it’s VERY enjoyable. It’s the first foreign country I’ve been to where I actually felt like a tourist, not understanding most of the language at all and everything. You don’t know how frustrating it gets when you want to know about something, but… can’t read it. 😐 Oh well.

The shopping, though… man, the shopping did not disappoint. Am now slowly filling up my once-empty luggage with different clothes and everything… even bought my first MAC lipstick here at an amazing price! Tomorrow, we’re revisiting their amazingly huge electronics stores to snap up their unbelievably low-priced electronics. So. Excited!!!!

Ok, enough about rambling, and the pictures are gonna come next time. For now, I’m going to try my best to connect my Thailand trip with this photo I took about a month ago…


Ok, so this was a maya bird that was trapped in our plant netting at home. The poor thing! He even thought we were going to kill him when we tried to help him, but that’s always the case with birds anyway. The next time I really gave thought to maya birds and everything was when I spent my first morning in Thailand walking around – only to see birds double or triple the size of normal Philippine maya birds flying around. Granted, they’re not maya, but they’re as regular as you see maya birds in the Philippines. Man, is it because of Thailand’s good economy that their birds grow so big?

Goodness, this post is getting more and more ridiculous. Maybe vacation blogging doesn’t agree with me…



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