New Year at Baguio – Strawberries and Soldiers

Baguio flowersI think this is pretty much the last leg of my posts about our Baguio vacation – after all, January is ending. It would be weird still posting about New Year on February, right? Not to mention, we’re going somewhere exciting this February. Anyway. Flowers!

Baguio flowersBaguio flowersDSC_1603We were actually visiting an organic strawberry farm to stock up on strawberries for ourselves and people back home; it just so happened that place had a little flower plot of its own. Baguio is quite famous for flowers (their Panagbenga festival is about flowers too, I think), and this was just a little preview of what Baguio has to offer. But oh, so pretty!

Baguio flowersBaguio flowersLOL 😀

Baguio flowersBaguio flowersBaguio flowersIf you’ve been following for quite some time, you’d have met Julio the goofball. Turns out, he has a talent for capturing little things of nature, like the ladybug on the flower above, butterflies (or moths? haha) and the like!

DSC_1588DSC_1598DSC_1604DSC_1609One of the places you must visit while in Baguio is their public markets. There are a lot of stuff at crazy cheap prices – prices that even us province people consider cheap! Needless to say, Mom stocked up on baby potatoes and bell peppers here.

PMA BaguioNext stop! PMA (Philippine Military Academy) Baguio! This was exciting for my family and I, as it’s a large, sprawling camp and we were dying to sneak a peek into the life of soldiers and military people. On one note: I swear I didn’t wear a leather jacket and aviators to “fit in”. I didn’t even know we were coming here! *innocent face*

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioJackie Chan, spotted at PMA Baguio! LOL

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioPMA BaguioPMA BaguioCan you tell that my dad’s feelin’ the acting? Hahaha to have a dad like this, I am so blessed! And oh yeah, of course, my mom is ze coolest.

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioPMA BaguioDisplay of tanks and cannons aside, the place truly is sprawling. We used a car to go from place to place inside the camp, but if you want a good mountain workout, you can most definitely walk!

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioPMA BaguioThose are real sunflowers growing, dude. Wowee! Now off to the part my dad was most excited about – the planes and other aircraft.

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioI’m only posting this overly sunny shot because I love how red the hair looks here. When will I find a colour that actually looks like this without the sun shining directly on it? Le sigh.

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioPMA BaguioDoesn’t Julio boy look the coolest? 🙂

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioHere we go again, Dad. LOL

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioPMA BaguioMaru finally realized his dream of being a soldier, but realized his already-tall height is falling short. :p

PMA BaguioWhen 5pm struck, we were privileged to witness the flag ceremony – actually the opposite of flag-raising, what do you call that again? The whole place literally went hushed, and everyone looked at you evil if you made a sound.

PMA BaguioThe funny thing behind this photo was, right after I took it, the leftmost one suddenly checked his phone. We were shocked, mainly because they were supposed to be all disciplined and stuff. Now berating myself for not being quick and alert enough to take it!! 😦 Blackmail material LOL

PMA BaguioPMA BaguioThat ends it for Baguio! Such a blessing to have traveled to an old place, but to have visited new places in it at the same time. 🙂 Thank You, Lord!



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