theBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette

theBalm Nude 'TudeSooo excited to be having time to beauty-blog; work has been insane, and do not mention the upcoming graduation season. Gaaah. It’s all a blessing though: God has blessed me enough with a new job, one that rocks more than my current part-time ones. Thank You, Lord!

Anyway, off to the nude ladies…

theBalm Nude 'Tude

theBalm Nude 'TudeNude ‘Tude is an eyeshadow palette from theBalm featuring, you guessed it, neutral shades for that perfect “nude” makeup look. If you’re familiar with Benefit, then theBalm and its general vibe is somehow like that – playful, a bit more kitschy and fun though. You can see from the packaging, press releases and generally how the whole thing comes across that the creators have fun with it. Gotta love makeup like that!

As you can see, Nude ‘Tude is packaged in a cardboard flip-open box, ensconced inside another cardboard box. Don’t think too low of it though, the cardboard’s pretty sturdy! It comes with its own dual-ended brush (one for shadow, one for liner) and has 12 shades:

in natural light

in natural light

in natural light

in natural light

One feature about theBalm’s eyeshadow palettes is that they always follow a theme – there’s this Matt Palette where shades were named after “Matt”s of different nationalities: this one has an “S” theme going. There are also actually two kinds of packaging: one with clothed ladies and one with them nude and strategically covered (LOL) like mine. Definitely not taking this out in front of the little kids! LOL.

with flash

with flash

theBalm Nude 'TudetheBalm Nude 'TudetheBalm Nude 'TudeI’m an Urban Decay Naked fan, but I’m in love with all of the shades – especially Sexy (deep burgundy), Serious (matte black), and Sleek (matte deep brown)! The shades are all so easy to work with – not super buttery, but easily blendable, and very pigmented in their own right. It’s like a step down from my holy grail which is Urban Decay. I also love the fact that the shades themselves are already laid out in a pattern: light/highlighter shades, middle shades, and the dark/liner shades – makes it easy for people not so good with makeup, like me! Doing smoky eyes and more natural makeup is easy with this! I love! 🙂

under artificial light

under artificial light

theBalm Nude 'TudeOkay… let’s just say I tried my hand at swatching, with camera in one hand, and it was awful. Please, please excuse the quality of these – I definitely underestimated swatch photography! Need to bust out the tripod next time – and make do with natural lighting as opposed to the lighting equipment the big guns have. *I’m just a teeny tiny beauty blogger wannabe…*

theBalm Nude 'TudetheBalm Nude 'TudeThey don’t look very pigmented to you, but trust me when I say… they are. These are all one-strokes with sponge applicators – imagine using your normal makeup brushes for these!

theBalm Nude 'TudetheBalm Nude 'TudeDefinitely an excellent palette for me – it’s in heavy rotation among my favorites now. Do you have it, and are you loving it as much as I do? 🙂


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