New Year at Baguio – The Mansion and More

BaguioMore than a week without blogging? Yup, guilty here. Believe me that I’ve been dying to blog, but time just isn’t doing me any favors! Plus, got my third hamster death today. 😦 Man. But on to that in the coming days, here’s another photo diary of our New Year’s trip to Baguio. This was when we visited several miscellaneous places around town, including the famous presidential Mansion.

DSC_1394…but of course I had to do an outfit shot. Been dying to wear this cozy pullover, and let’s not talk about boots and booties! Baguio is the perfect place to do winter dressing if you’re a Filipino!

DSC_1405H&M pullover & leggings, from China boots, Lacoste bag

BaguioBaguioThe classic bee-on-flower shot. Little Julio pointed out to me another one, though…

Baguio😐 Now, mosquito-on-flower isn’t exactly the usual sight, eh?

BaguioDSC_1406BaguioSee it? When we arrived at Baguio, the president had actually just went back to Manila after spending his Christmas vacation here.

BaguioBaguioBaguioBaguioFinally, you can meet (part) of our traveling party! My family, the Luna family, and our Chinese teachers – okay, and then some. 🙂

BaguioJulio, the goofball who excels at catching butterflies and observes a lot of things that we simply ignore or look over.

BaguioDSC_1433BaguioI’ll now go bad-blogger and promise you that there’s more to come over the coming days – it’s not over yet!



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