Mag & Gab

DSC_1334DSC_1336DSC_1338DSC_1339DSC_1341DSC_1343DSC_1347DSC_1344DSC_1345DSC_1356DSC_1358DSC_1357Originally, this post was supposed to be written with excitement and happiness, as I couldn’t wait to show you my unexpected Christmas blessings – how they brought so much cheer and learning experiences to my life, how they brightened each of my days as I knew they would. Now, however, these two blessings are buried below our calamansi tree… yup, Mag & Gab are dead. 😦

How ironic that this should be a milestone of sorts, being my 250th post and all. And how ironic is it that, on the day that I’ve scheduled to post about them would be the day they leave me?

Things happen according to God’s will and purpose. I’m sad, yes, but not devastated as if I lost, say, Coconut & Pudding, because my time with Mag & Gab was still quite short. However, losing them like this always makes you reflect: am I as experienced a pet owner as I thought? What could I have done better? Those things, in my opinion, is what I (and you!) can focus on instead of the negative aspects of this situation.


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