New In

Happy new year, everyone! It sounds super cliché, but time flies, no? It’s 2013, and I’m going through that date-adjustment thing all over again! You know, when you write the date, and you write 2012, then you realize it’s 2013…

Okay. Point is, it’s a new year! I slept through the change of year LOL, just because Baguio was so cozy. More on that as soon as I get my life organized… for now, here are some of the new blessings I got from all the angels around me.

DSC_0261With accessories, I’m less picky because chances are, what the high-end brands have, you can find lower-priced alternatives of – and they’re super-affordable that you can just change them if the quality changes. For me, 168 (Filipinos know this) is my heaven!

DSC_1288DSC_1290This looks like those trendy blouses right now – the silky types, with cut-outs, scarf-print (which was so the fashion in my mom’s time, btw). In short, not something I would pick up for myself if I saw it! 😮 However, since it’s a gift, I’ve decided to give it a try… doesn’t look so bad anyway. 🙂

DSC_0262Goody Ouchless elastics. Sure, they cost more than your regular hair elastics, but for good reason – the quality really is different. I love it!

DSC_1307DSC_1309The story goes like this… we were on Duty Free, and my main goal was to shop for Lay’s, Cheetos and the like. But dayum, if you’ve ever been to the chocolate displays in Duty Free, it’s like they’re built to be attractive. Luckily, it didn’t push through, because come Christmas… these were what we got. Happy me for the happy new year. 🙂



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