Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted KingdomFunny that I had to be 20 before I could visit Enchanted Kingdom, the amusement park to be in the Philippines. Although it isn’t comparable to a lot of other international amusement parks, we were blessed that it was decorated beautifully when we went! Next time you go, I definitely recommend this time combination: holiday (Christmas!) + night time. Beautiful!

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomOnce again, we went with our fellow teachers and co-workers. Although I didn’t have fun in the form of rides (park ride phobe here!), photographing what caught my eye in the whole park was more than enough. 🙂 I can’t stress enough how much I love photographing scenes with different kinds of lights at night!

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomNagsingit ng outfit shot! Ahaha of course, nothing fussy for hours of walking and everything in an amusement park.

DSC_1006Cotton On tank, H&M sequin vest, from China necklace

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted Kingdom is located in Sta. Rosa, which is very near the South Superhighway. Whenever we travel through the highway, it’s this huge ferris wheel that’s always so prominent, and it’s no different inside the park! It’s like, asserting its dominance as the king of the park or something… in my opinion, at least.

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomLacoste backpack

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomThis looks like so much fun, but there’s a very good chance you might get wet. Bringing extra clothes next time!

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomNow I know how difficult it is to photograph carousels! I thought it would be easy, since it had lots of lights and stuff, but my first shots were messed up. Once you get things right, though, the results are stunning! Despite being exploited by romantic movies and other stuff, I still love myself a good carousel shot, with all the classic lights and colours. 🙂 Don’t you?

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted Kingdom*exhales* Beautiful, right? Love forever! Thank you, Lord, for the beauty You create with as simple a thing as light! Naturally, we took advantage to continue our personal photo shoot… 😀

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomDSC_0965Enchanted KingdomUna Rosa shorts, gifted watch

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomThis section was a break from all the rides and stuff, and was designed like those old-style streets you always see in the movies, with theaters and stores and stuff. It was pretty and all, but I personally think the neon lights worked against the effect instead of creating it. Di tuloy na-feel ng maayos LOL.

Enchanted KingdomDSC_0972Tkees sandals

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomBased on personal experience, I happen to think that each amusement park has that one ride that terrifies almost everyone who dares ride it, even the most seasoned pro. For Enchanted Kingdom, this is it – the Space Shuttle! Roller-coaster-phobe me is definitely out of the question, but this scared a lot of people! Just watching the people actually riding the thing through an elevated deck, my legs turned to jelly. Just by watching! 😮

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomSo instead, I spotted an old favorite nearby and rushed for it with my brother – Ice Monster! The last time I had Ice Monster was during my young college years (almost 6 years ago!), and I could never forget their Coffee Jelly confection.

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomYou know how food stalls inside amusement parks are naturally waaay more expensive than how they would usually be? To my surprise, Ice Monster is not! Well, from what I could remember about their previous price. If there’s an increase, I’m sure it’s way smaller than how other food stalls overcharge. So definitely, Ice Monster is the place to be here! Super-cold pa inside! Haha 😀

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomWeird game of spring-the-chicken-into-the-cauldron! 😐 Near this is a place with more affordable eats, and a free show courtesy of the biggest celebrities in the world today…

Enchanted Kingdom(from top left, clockwise) Lady Gaga, some guy (is this supposed to be Hendrix?), Rihanna, and Boy George. Yes, I also wondered how the hell she could be “Rihanna”, but let’s not tear her apart for it. They work hard for their money, anyway!

Enchanted Kingdom(from top left, clockwise) U2’s Bono (di ko na-gets ’cause he’s not bald! Hahaha), KISS, Michael Jackson (of course), and the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” guy.

Enchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomEnchanted KingdomAhhh, the mighty ferris wheel. Another no-no for a heights freak like me, but isn’t it stunning to photograph?

Enchanted KingdomAnd yeah… don’t wait for the fireworks. They’re very mehespecially if you’ve seen more than your fair share of fireworks shows. However, as Enchanted Kingdom’s motto goes, “the magic stays with you”, so who am I to ruin that for someone else? Even if you’re not excited about amusement park rides and stuff, it’s still a good idea to just go, visit, walk around, and experience buying ridiculously expensive food for yourself. 🙂



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