Freestyle Wednesdays – Scratchy Sequins

Okay, so there’s actually no work today (the benefits of being a teacher! Hurrah!), but this is from last Wednesday, so… this is actually catching up on blogging backlog. :p

Merry Christmas!


The dress is simple and no-frills, but it’s one of my favorites. Aside from that it was a gift from one of my good friends, it’s so easy to put on and accessorize with other things! It’s pretty transformative, and that allows one to do a variety of looks, no?

DSC_1110DSC_1126gifted dress, H&M sequin vest, from China necklace

Like now, you can layer a vest over it and add a necklace or two. This was pretty simple considering it’s for work after all, but if I put my hippie-music-festival-child vibe to the max, this can go further with more accessories! 🙂 But well, sequins are statements on their own after all – I just wish this one wasn’t so scratchy! That’s the downside of sequins sometimes, I guess. 😦

DSC_1116DSC_1120Forever 21 shorts

The thing is, it’s still pretty short – too short for work, in fact. To be safe, I just wore shorts underneath – sequined, of course. 😀

DSC_1122Jeffrey Campbell booties

Because I was really feeling a bit music festival-y, I decided to wear booties which haven’t been out in a long time. These babies and the other boots are getting some love again now that it’s chilly December! 🙂

DSC_1107Honestly, I’m just running out of places to shoot these Freestyle Wednesdays right now besides our house – anywhere would be public humiliation. Sooo let’s settle for our humble calamansi tree right here! See those little buds growing? 🙂



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